In a letter to Joe Biden, Britney Griner begs for his assistance

Brittney Griner appealed in a letter to Joe Biden after being detained in Russia. The letter, which details her dread in the Russian jail, was forwarded to the White House by way of its officials. President Biden is urged by the two-time Olympic gold winner to remember her and all other imprisoned Americans.

The handwritten message was delivered to the White House on Monday, according to Griner's agent Lindsay Kagawa Colas. The majority of the letter's contents are secret, however, Colas nonetheless disclosed a few passages penned by Griner.

Griner claims that the only thing keeping her company in the Russian prison cell is her own thoughts. She fears that she is in no way protected from her wife, her family, her friends, her nation, her Olympic jersey, or any other accomplishments she has fought so hard to acquire. She considers staying there indefinitely. She recalls the Fourth of July, when she and her loved ones celebrated the United States' liberation, paid tribute to the battle dead, and were granted their freedom. He continues by mentioning that her father was a Vietnam War veteran as well. She expresses her sadness in writing about how she used to enjoy freedom on this day and how, this year, her perception of the term has entirely altered.

She implores the American president to send them back home as quickly as possible. She makes a pitch to him, explaining that she voted for him in 2020 because she had trust in him as she did so for the first time. She affirms that she is mostly responsible for her independence and that she will go far beyond what she has already accomplished. It kills her to realize that her friends, teammates, and wife are also suffering. She missed them all. She expresses her gratitude to the President for doing all in his power to bring her home.

Why was Griner arrested in Russia?

Griner is involved in a case in Russia that only got underway last week. When she arrived back at the airport to play for her team in Russia on February 17, she was detained on suspicion that she was in unlawful possession of cannabis oil. This Friday, July 6, the trial will resume as scheduled.

On July 1st, she was initially transferred to Khimki, a city close to Moscow, for her trial. After four and a half months following her arrest, this American basketball player will appear in court once more on Friday.

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