Climate Change is a threat to Economy, Health, and National security!!

Climate change is one of the significant issues every country across the world is currently dealing facing. The change in air quality causes a lot of health issues. To solve this very reason, former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden joined the Paris Climate Agreement. However, a couple of years later, Donald Trump, the current President of the United States, has announced that the US will exit the Paris Climate Agreement. Most of the automobile manufacturing companies have expressed their displeasure on the announcement. However, there are many more reasons how climate change can affect an ordinary citizen and the government.

According to a news report, climate change doesn’t affect the environment, but it also has many other threats. Soon, it is likely to affect the income inequality of retail workers which in turn worsens the economy of a country. An analysis by Fed economist Brigitte Roth Tran found that the retail industry is approximately 10% of the US workforce. Due to the increasing climate variations, the workforce will be subjected to low income because of extreme weather conditions, floods, storms, and other consequences of global warming which will have its effect on individual spending. This will only get worse with the drastic climate changes, claims Roth Tran. Planalytics analysis explains that the impact of Hurricane Florence had cost approximately $700 million to the retailers in 2018. The loss includes the damage caused by the hurricane and the sales lost during that time.

With all the above reasons, it is clear that the future is bleak, and we must take urgent action to address this crisis before it’s too late. Joe Biden has already released his Climate policy which addresses and solves the climate issue. It is time we support him and make him the next President of the United States. Here’s the link to check out Biden’s Climate Policy.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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