$3.6 Billion In Military Construction Funds Diverted To Build Trump's Border Wall Project.

The Trump wall is the name given to the proposed expansion of the United States-Mexico border during the present term of Donald Trump. The Trump wall was the most popular topic of the 2016 presidential campaign. Donald Trump, on multiple occasions, claimed that he built the wall at the expense of the Mexican government if he is elected as the President. However, the then President of Mexico made it clear that his country wouldn’t pay for the wall at any circumstance. In 2017, an executive order was signed by President Trump to build the wall with the existing federal funds. The actual construction did not begin due to the uncertain nature of its funding.

The drama to build a wall didn’t stop here. President Donald Trump, with all his powers, kept on trying to get the funds required to build the wall. To everyone’s surprise, he signed a declaration of National Emergency because of a crisis at the US-Mexico border and suggested money allocated for other purposes should be used to build the wall. Congress has completely overturned the emergency declaration, but Trump vetoed the decision. Now, we have news that Pentagon diverted approximately $3.6 Billion from the military funds to build the wall. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper authorized the statement in a letter that the funds were diverted for 11 wall projects on the southern border with Mexico. CNN obtained this letter from defense secretary Mark Esper to Senate Armed Services Committee. Interestingly, the letter doesn’t have any reference to “the wall,” but it lists out how funds are being used for new fencing projects across the border.

The decision was slammed by Chuck Schumer, minority leader of the Senate. He added - “the decision would harm the already planned projects of the military.” It is also learned that with the diversion of $3.6 billion funds, approximately 127 military projects are kept on hold. Joe Biden also criticized Trump for diverting the military funds.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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