‘And tonight, we acted’: US President Joe Biden as Senate oks historic gun control bill

President of the United States Joe Biden claimed on Friday that lawmakers had at last heeded the cries of the families of those who had lost loved ones in horrific shootings over the previous years by passing legislation "to address the epidemic of gun violence in our communities." A bipartisan bill with limited new gun control measures and significant spending for mental health and school safety was approved by the Senate late on Thursday. In his request for the House to "bring it to my desk," Biden said that the proposed law would assist safeguard students in classrooms and make communities safer.

According to NPR, the House of Representatives, the lower house of the US legislative system, is anticipated to start debating the bill soon. Biden can sign it into law after the House approves it.

"After 28 years of delay, members of Congress from both parties came together tonight to enact legislation that will confront the scourge of gun violence in our communities. Action has been sought by the families of the victims of the sad killings in Uvalde and Buffalo, among others. In addition, tonight "In a statement issued by the White House, Biden remarked.

"This legislation from both parties will defend Americans. As a result, children in schools and communities will be safer. This law should be swiftly passed by the House of Representatives and delivered to my office."

Biden has consistently campaigned for more significant gun control legislation, including as the reinstatement of the prohibition on assault rifles and high-capacity magazines, which were used in both the Texas and New York shootings.

He has also attacked the US Supreme Court for overturning a New York state statute that prohibited open carry of firearms without a permit. He claimed that the decision "should greatly worry us all" since it goes against both common sense and the Constitution.

This reform has been praised as "historic" by both Democrats and Republicans.

Senate majority leader and Democrat Chuck Schumer stated, "The gun safety law we are enacting tonight can be defined with three adjectives: bipartisan, common sense, and lifesaving."

It would increase safety without reducing freedom in America, according to his Republican colleague Mitch McConnell.

The law is crucial because it follows two terrible instances in recent months: a New York grocery shooting and a Texas school shooting, which resulted in a total of 31 fatalities.

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