12 US lawmakers urge Joe Biden to hold India accountable in WTO for its 'trade-distorting practices'

In response to India's "dangerous trade-distorting policies," a group of US congressmen has urged President Joe Biden to formally request discussions with India at the World Trade Organization (WTO).

In a letter to Biden, the 12 Congressmen said that under current WTO regulations, nations may subsidise up to 10% of the cost of producing goods.

However, they said that the Indian government still pays for more than half of the value of producing a number of commodities, such as rice and wheat.

The Congressmen claimed in the letter that India's "lack of rule-following" and the Biden administration's "lack of enforcement" have altered global agricultural production 

and trade channels by lowering prices, suppressing production of rice and wheat commodities, and unfairly disadvantageous American producers.

The letter stated that India's actions have an adverse effect on US farmers and ranchers and dangerously disrupt international trade. Tracey Mann and Rick Crawford, two congressmen, took the initiative in the letter.

We implore the government to formally request talks with India at the WTO and to keep an eye on other WTO members' domestic assistance initiatives that conflict with free trade agreements, the group added.

To reach a consensus, the US must not give ground. Instead, America has to push for policies that will improve the world's supply chain and reduce food shortages. The MPs urged it to adopt steps that will help the people who are most impacted by inflation and rising food prices.

They stated that it was incumbent to American agriculture to help create resilient circumstances for food security in the US and around the world.

India has defended its position at the WTO. Several countries and organizations around the world have applauded India's strong stance in protecting the interests of farmers.

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