The US Witnessed Largest Reduction of Protected Lands Under Trump Administration!!

While the whole world is discussing climate change and its effects, US President Donald Trump is only adding fuel to its effects. Trump and his administration have been least bothered about climate change which is at an extreme level. They haven’t even acknowledged the same. Adding to that, Trump has withdrawn US support from the Paris Climate Agreement, which was started by former President Barack Obama. The latest study published in the Science Journal states that the Trump administration is responsible for reducing the most abundant available protected public lands in the history of the United States. The study analyzed 200 years of data about protected areas and was conducted by 21 international scientists.

The study includes some critical details about the reduction of protected lands. In 2017, Trump gave the nod to two of the largest cuts of protected lands. The first one is Grand-Staircase Escalante National Monument in southern Utah is minimized to 51% of its original and the second is Bears Ears by a whopping 85%. Additionally, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge was voted by Congress to open for oil and natural gas development. Adding to the worries, the government is now planning to shrink down nine more land and marine national monuments. "Protected lands play a vital role in alleviating climate change, and will help as a protective habitat for animals and birds," Rachel Golden Kroner, the lead author of the study explained. The scientists involved in the study put forth that 90 percent of land reductions happened after 2000 itself. All these land reductions ultimately contribute to Climate Change.

It's time for the President to act on Climate Change at the earliest. And if the President doesn't act, the American people have to elect a President who will work for saving our country from Climate change.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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