Here's Why President Trump Loves NRA ?

Politics in the United States are currently revolving only among three things - Gun Violence, President Trump, and the former Vice President Joe Biden. Gun violence incidents are at the highest level under the Trump administration, yet there are no strict laws created to combat gun violence. While gun violence incidents are rising every day, President Trump is busy encouraging a foreign government to investigate his political opponent Joe Biden. International involvement in the US elections is entirely unlawful, and democrats have pressured Congress for impeachment against President Trump. National Rifle Association is solely responsible for the rise of gun violence in America.

It is recently reported that Wayne LaPierre, the chief executive of the National Rifle Association, has met with President Donald Trump at the White House. LaPierre is known for his aggressive campaign by gun rights advocates to influence the White House. It is also believed that post the mass shootings of Ohio and Texas, Wayne tried to stop Trump from imposing any background checks for gun ownership in a series of calls and meetings. According to the officials of the White House, it is reported that President Trump has asked for the support of NRA’s chief Wayne Lapierre against his impeachment and also for the re-election campaign of 2020 which now looks like a distant dream. NRA helped Donald Trump’s campaign even in 2016 with a whopping $ 30 million into his election, which is more than any other outside group. The above funding may be one of the reasons why Donald Trump has a soft corner for the NRA and the people who are behind it.

Joe Biden has heavily criticized the meeting between President Trump and the NRA chief. In a tweet, Biden wrote “President Trump works for the @NRA. I’ll work for the American people.”


Dr. Dhillon Randeep


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