Russian Trolls are back to Interfere in 2020 US Elections!!

There is nothing wrong with saying that Donald Trump has become the President of the United States with the help of Russian intervention. There have been multiple allegations about the digital footprints of Russian trolls who used social media to influence the American votes during the 2016 elections. The Russian troll army used Facebook extensively to go after Hillary Clinton painting her to be less liberal and thereby changing the perception of African Americans. Information released by Facebook on Monday suggests that the same troll group is now laying the groundwork to repeat the same tactics for the 2020 elections.

Russia profiles have been building a network on Instagram and Facebook since the beginning of the year. The accounts are created such that they look like that of Americans, Facebook said. Their new target this time is to influence voters not voting to Joe Biden, the opponent of President Trump. According to Graphika, a social media investigation company, the accounts deal with normal American life covering a wide range of issues. Facebook revealed some of the accounts on Monday, 50 of them were on Instagram and one on Facebook. Some of the accounts including, and @michigan_black_community_ looked like black activists ran them. There were also pro and anti-Trump accounts, and some accounts were posing as feminists, LGBTQ rights advocates, and environmentalists. Other account names included @stop.trump2020, @bernie.2020__, @iowa.patriot, and @feminist_agenda_, according to Graphika.

Giving an insight into the accounts, Facebook said these accounts combinedly have over 250,000 followers, more than half of which were based in the US. However, Facebook didn’t clarify if the followers are real or bot accounts. Graphika responded, saying that it looks like an attack on Biden. Facebook has permanently removed these accounts from its platform. In a statement campaign spokesman of Biden, TJ Ducklo said - “We applaud Facebook for disclosing the existence of these fake accounts and shutting them down.”

Former Vice President and Trump’s primary opponent Joe Biden lashed out at the news of Russian interference on Twitter. He re-iterated that we can let 2016 repeat itself. Joe Biden also requested to chip in with donations to his rapid relief fund to help him fight against Trump’s lies and foreign interference:



Joe Biden also released a video against the Russian interference issue on his official Twitter handle:




Dr. Dhillon Randeep


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