President Trump Requests China to Start Investigation of Bidens!!

While there is already an impeachment order against President Donald Trump, he doesn’t seem to care least about it. In a media interaction, Trump suggested that China should investigate Joe Biden and his son just the same way Ukraine did upon Trump’s request. Again, Trump displays his grudge against his political opponent and misuses of his power as the President. During a phone call with Chinese President Xi on June 18th, Trump reportedly raised about his political prospects, including Biden, Elizabeth Warren, who were leading the poll predictions at that time. Two people familiar with the call at the White House says, Trump also told Xi to remain quiet on Hong Kong protests as trade talks progressed.

The record of the call was later stored in a highly secured security system used at the White House. Trump also added, "President Xi doesn't want to be under scrutiny" when he asked whether he would seek help from the Chinese counterpart. Trump's actions surprised the leaders across the world, including the officials of China. They are of least interest to involve in the US political controversy. Trump was criticized heavily for his remarks as soon as the story hit the headlines. Elizabeth Warren took Twitter to express her concerns, "Trump can say what he wants about me, but it's outrageous that any president would sell out the people of Hong Kong behind closed doors. The public must see the transcript of Trump's call with Xi. And we need a leader who will stand up for our values." Joe Biden also took Twitter to express his views.


Dr. Dhillon Randeep


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