Donald Trump is Spreading Cancer to this Amazing Country - A fellow American

It is a universal truth that a country’s progress or regress depends on the democratically elected representative. President Donald Trump is the prime example of it. Ever since he took over as the President of the United States, our great nation has seen some of the unprecedented and illogical decisions implemented across the country. It all started from his inauguration speech where Donald Trump called his critics as enemies. Since then he has continuously accused journalists and media people as fake and paid. All of these happened from his official Twitter profile. In the first month of his tenure itself, he signed the executive order to dismantle Obama Care which was the lifeline for most of the middle-class Americans.

Donald Trump’s administration has pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement which has also raked up a lot of criticism for the President. The list goes on and on and looks like Trump has made his wrong-mark on most of the government departments. Muslim country ban has cost the corporate biggies a hole in their pocket as they have lost services from the individuals. With a lot of criticism, Trump administration has to revoke the ban. The never-ending Wall-drama is still going on with Trump trying every possibility to build the wall at any cost. Trump has also made a mockery of foreign policies. America used to have an elite place among conferences and summits which involved multiple nations but not anymore. He has also targeted the LGBT community by prohibiting trans genders to serve in the US armed services.

All these parameters have changed the mindset of American citizens as well. The expectations from Trump has hit rock bottom with every illogical decision that is being implemented by Trump’s administration. BidenPresident team has received an email from a fellow American about the performance of Trump in the last 3 years. The email says - “Trump is something similar to that of fast-spreading cancer and it will only grow to stage 4 if he is re-elected.” Please check the below photo for the complete email we have received.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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