Terrible things America witnessed under Donald J.Trump

1. Immigration  
“ America was not build on fear”. These were the words of Harry S.Truman, 33rd President of US. But, the sorry state of immigrants under Trump’s administrative policies greatly contradict it. Trump cried endlessly for the building of Mexico wall but failing this, his administration came out with family separation policy of zero tolerance where thousands of children were separated from their parents. The migrants are living under dreadful conditions in detention centres in texas. The IG of Department of homeland security stated the condition as a ticking time bomb.  
2. Impulsive internal and foreign policies 
Trump imposed a ban on travel of immigrants from 7 Islamic majority countries but Saudi Arabia and Turkey were excluded for business and trade sake. In January 2017, the employees of EPA were precluded from posting about their activities on media. His unanticipated move of withdrawing US troops from Syria and Afghanistan confused the coalition partners. The withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal resulted in isolation from allies. His move to pamper dictators during DMZ summit was highly criticized as the differences on denuclearization still linger. The Atlantic predicts that Trump’s attitude may result in retreat from NATO and World Trade Organisation.     
3. Ignorance for climate change  
Among some of the most disappointing statements that Mr.Trump had made, referring climate change as a hoax and regarding it a as a “change in weather” reflects his careless approach towards environment. The report by IPCC warned about the alarming rise in global temperature but Trump just shrugged it off saying he did not believe it.  Despite being the world’s second largest greenhouse gas emitter, US pulled out of the Paris agreement. In February 2017, White House took down the Mercury Effluent Rule which suggested safe disposal of the metal. 83 rules regarding the environment have either been completely rolled back or are in the process , which will definitely result in increased greenhouse emission.    
4. A fraud with LGBT community  
Trump’s hypocrisy was unambiguous from his support for the LGBT in the pride month and his announcement from prohibiting the transgenders to serve in the US armed forces. Not stopping here, the choice to use the school washrooms according to gender identity was seized. He nullified the protections for transgender employees under civil rights law and also, ordered the embassies not to hoist the rainbow pride flag. Appointing judges hostile to gay rights points towards his intentions of using the concerned community as an object for his own political benefits. 
5. Trump’s image in the world  
Nobody is unfamiliar by the shabby remarks Trump made on various occasions ,whether it be about calling Stormy Daniels ‘horseface’ or regarding the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. He does not accept criticism and there have been verbal attacks by him on the US intelligence  community on social media. Apart from this, his encounters with women indicate his contemptuous conduct. Former miss Utah, Miss Washington, former Miss Teen USA contestant, Jessica Leeds, Rachel Crooks, Kritin Anderson ……… and the list seems never ending- these women have accused Trump for sexually harassing them in one form or the other.  

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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