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Democrats are offering money to oppose the wealthiest Americans. Large companies that don't pay taxes might be getting money from the government like US drug companies, investors, major health insurance companies, and the hard-core supporters of Trump who support anti-immigration. Democrats can not elect a President who claims to oppose all these groups.

About Gun Control:

I think Gun control statistics that mostly matter are the number of guns in the US rather than the number of citizens. I think background checks are proper and banning assault rifles is good, but the horse has already escaped from the corral. Anyone who wants a gun can put enough money together to buy one somewhere. Making gun owners angry with the Democratic Party about gun control makes no sense. While Obama passed a few rules about gun control, Obama's Presidency was a big reason for the huge sales of guns and ammo during those years.

Tariff War:

To me worst parts of the Tariffs, are those who manipulate events to make extra profit on the Tariff War but not the tariffs themselves. China finding alternate suppliers to US products. I have been told that because of the balance payments between the US and China, China is likely to come back to US suppliers. Democrats need to find plans where many of us profit.


US workers make the dollars of the super-rich more stable, more valuable, and more desired. Money needs to become less a commodity of the big financial companies and banks and represent goods, services, and products. I hear that the super-rich pay about five percent of the budget. It is the lower classes who pay for most of the government. Talk numbers, don't vaguely talk about that the rich need to pay more. The Trump Tax-cuts to the corporates and the rich are going to cause a rise in the national debt and the interest we spend on the National Debt. No one talks about these numbers. The economy is not decided by some numbers. The economy is not as good as Trump portrays it. Yes, the tax cuts for the rich put a lot of money flowing through the economy for a short time. I am told that the economy goes into recession every ten years or so. It is supposed to be a good thing, a re-adjustment. It is about ten years since the Bush Jr. era mortgage crisis. The economic problems coming at us are going to be worse and more profound because of Trump's economic policies.

Student Loans:

We have talked about paying off student loans. Instead of paying student loans, the government should reset interest rates on student loans. So that portion of the money will go through the economy as goods and services but not to a finance company. If the federal government can free up the money to purchase the principal of the loan, then the government can re-sell the loans with the requirement of a very low-interest rate, and perhaps the government can pay some of the additional interests to secure the restructured student loans. The wealthy benefit more because money will flow through them into the economy, allowing more opportunities for making money. While making the value of the US dollar more stable. We can consider at the same time; there are some college graduates who the government should consider paying off all their loans. If the government is going to restrict medical payments, we should pay off loans of medical doctors, technical missions, and nurses. This is also the time to make dental care affordable to all. The government can pay to put dental students, and dental technicians through school then we can have affordable dental care insurance which will be useful over a long period. We need a better health care system to begin to bring down the cost of medical malpractice insurance.

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Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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