Biden criticizes President Trump for calling Coronavirus a 'hoax'

Started in China, coronavirus is spreading rapidly to different countries across the globe. The health department officials have confirmed two new cases in the United States as well. However, it didn’t bother President Trump as he called it a hoax by the Democrats and also said that it would disappear in a day like a miracle. The statement from the President attracted a lot of headlines, both online and offline mediums. Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden called Trump’s remarks as “bizarre” and “dangerous” on Saturday. He went to say that Trump’s statement on coronavirus will harm our country’s reputation around the world.

Speaking to the reporters outside a Greensville event, Joe Biden said - “Some of the things he says is so bizarre that you can laugh at it. His remark just diminishes the faith that the people around the world have in the United States. It is tough to believe even for him that a president of the United States terms it as a hoax.” Before Biden blasted Trump, it was in a rally in South Carolina that President Trump accused Democrats of using coronavirus as a reason to harm his first tenure just like they did during Russia investigation and the impeachment process. Joe Biden has always been critical regarding the way Trump’s administration handled the virus. He added that the scientists who are a part of the government should have more control and take responsibility for tackling such a crisis.

On Thursday, it was reported that all the health officials have to coordinate their statements regarding the virus through Vice President Mike Pence’s office as he is appointed to oversee the government’s response after the coronavirus outbreak in the country. In his response to reporters, Biden also added - “Look, this is a serious, serious problem. It can be solved but requires us to be absolutely levelheaded and let our scientists have the final lead in all of this. But as a president for him to stop the scientists and start terming it as a hoax is absolutely dangerous. It is not a decent way to act for any President.”

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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