Biden leads in Florida as per the new polls!!

Ever since Joe Biden vowed to get back on track before the South Carolina primary, his campaign took a significant rise. Biden not only won the South Carolina primary with huge margin but also swept the Super Tuesday states leaving Bernie Sanders to a distant second. Presently, it looks like Bernie Sanders’s huge wins with the help of Hispanic voters are likely to end. As per the two latest primary polls, Sanders is trailing Joe Biden in the state of Florida, and the gap also reduced to a smaller advantage in Arizona against Biden.

As per the survey conducted by Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy, Biden is way ahead of Sanders among Hispanic Democratic voters in the state of Florida. Biden leads the race with 48 percent to 37 percent by Sanders. The lead of 9 percentage points is twice the lead of the four percentage point margin of error. On the other hand, Sanders has a slight margin over Biden with 47 to 40 percent in Arizona state. The mixed results from the two states where the primaries are on March 17 are a new headache for Sanders as he buckles up for a one-on-one race against Biden.

The survey also released the voting percentages of Democratic nominees versus President Donald Trump. In the state of Florida, Sanders and President Trump locked down to 44 and 45 percentage points, respectively. Florida is the nation’s biggest swing state, where Democrats need to get 20 points among Hispanic voters to ensure a victory over Republicans. On the other hand, Biden scored 58 percent to Trump’s mere 38 percentage points in Florida. Sanders also matches up well against Trump in Arizona, with 68 percent to Trump’s 23 percent. However, Biden does even better in Arizona, with 72 percent to only 20 percent by Trump.

Both the polls were conducted between March 4 to 7th with a sample size of 400 to 600 Latino and Hispanic voters.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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