Biden Plan to Renew American Infrastructure!!

Former Vice President, Joe Biden is running for the 2020 presidential elections intending to rebuild the middle class. Much of his campaign across America talks about his plans and goals to help the middle class. In the course of his campaign, he has released his plans on different fields like Healthcare, Veterans Plan, Climate Change, etc. Now Biden is calling for transformational investment in our America’s infrastructure with an investment of $1.3 trillion over the next 10 years. Biden also released a detailed plan for America’s infrastructure.

Here are the major points from Biden’s infrastructure plan:

1. Invest unprecedented amounts in America’s infra to bolster the competitiveness of the middle class.

2. Creation of good, union jobs that will help and expand the middle class.

3. To build resilient infrastructure and strive towards reducing the greenhouse gas emission rates.

4. Revitalizing the communities in every part of the country, making sure that no one is left behind.

5. Kick-start the repair of roads, bridges, and highways.

6. To build the world’s safest roads in America.

7. To make investments in historically marginalized communities.

8. Stabilizing the Highway Trust Fund.

9. Speed up the transition of electric vehicles.

10. Encourage new generation low-carbon trucking, shipping, and aviation technologies.

11. To build the second great railroad revolution.

12. Electrification of the rail systems.

13. To provide new transportation options for millions of Americans.

14. To plan smarter growth and thereby reducing the congestion in metropolitan regions.

15. Building a platform to connect workers to jobs.

16. Encourage creativity and innovation to launch smarter cities.

17. To transform America’s airports to the best in the world.

18. Investment in freight infrastructure, including inland waterways, freight rail, ports

19. Giving necessary support to the American port infrastructure.

20. Investments for 100% clean energy economy.

21. To transform buildings into a more energy-efficient model.

22. Clean drinking water for every American.

23. Continuous monitoring of contaminants in water and hold polluters accountable.

24. Investments in water technology to use existing resources more efficiently.

25. Broadband facility for every American household.

26. Modernization of schools with an investment of $100 billion.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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