Biden's team is quietly raising funds for post-election court tussle!!

On multiple occasions, President Donald Trump hinted that he would not accept the elections' result and the smooth transition of power if he loses to the Democratic presidential nominee. He argued that mail-in ballot votes are complete fraud just because most Democrats prefer the mail-in ballots. To tackle him effectively, Biden's campaign team is putting in all the efforts to raise funds quietly for a possible post-Election Day legal fight, which could stretch throughout November. In recent calls towards Election Day, Biden allies and long-time donors discussed preparations to counter all potential lawsuits from the president and his campaign team. They also discussed how close the results could be in the critical swing states, expensive legal fights, as per two people present in the calls.

As per their discussion, if there arises a situation where vote totals are very close, then the additional funds would help in hiring dozens of lawyers who can work for Biden's campaign. In another call with Biden's Lawyers Committee, which constitutes a donor group of attorneys, Biden and his supporters informed the participants how quickly the campaign has to rush the courts just within hours after the election explaining the need for donors to support his campaign at the earliest. Both the parties are already engaged in a million-dollar legal war for months fighting over state voting rules. "These lawsuits from Trump's team would cost a lot of money. Some of it is pro bono legal work. But there are the filing fees and the service fees. You need money for all of that. Unless Joe Biden wins big against Trump, those lawsuits will go on for perhaps a month. There will be individual lawsuits in each state, I guarantee you that," said Joe Cotchett, a Biden donor from the Lawyers Committee call and a Bay Area attorney.

The post-election fundraising by Biden's team comes after the record-setting fundraising in October. Towards the final weeks of the election, Biden had a 3 to 1 lead over Trump in terms of cash on hand; his financial advantage was evident with the ads on TV stations across the country. Biden and his team wish to continue the same spirit for the post-election fundraising. "Apart from raising money for the transition, fundraising for the legal fight will be the next job at hand," said a Democratic donor adviser.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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