Biden wins big in South Carolina

After a dismal performance in the last two primaries, former Vice President Joe Biden is back to where he belongs, to the number one spot. Biden won his first election on Saturday in the southern state with widespread support from black voters. With this victory, Biden and his team are hoping to excel on Super Tuesday and then the race against Senator Bernie Sanders. The result of the polls was announced as soon as the election completed at 7 PM. Exit polls showed that Biden had an excellent lead over all the other Democratic nominees. This victory shifts the position of Biden into serious contention and head-on-battle with Sanders, who won the previous two primaries and secured the second spot in South Carolina.

The sudden surge of Biden surprised the political experts and also his fellow Democratic nominees. With Biden’s win, the trajectory for the Democratic Presidential nominee is altered completely, damaging the prospects of some of the other candidates who failed to secure significant support from the voters. The result is quite a shock to billionaire Mike Bloomberg, who spent more than $500 million since entering the Democratic race late in November based on the claims that the former Vice President would collapse. South Carolina has a majority of the black electorate. Biden, who was the Vice President for America’s first black president Barack Obama trusted the majority of the black voters to bring him back to the race and march into the Super Tuesday run of states.

Before the results, Biden took a pit stop at the Phillis Wheatley Community Center polling station present in Greenville and forecasted his win. However, he refused to predict the margin. He said - “The bigger the win, the bigger will be the bump.” After the results were out, Biden spoke at his election night party. “For all those, you’ve been knocked down, counted out, left behind, this is your campaign. Just a few days ago, the pundits and the press declared my candidacy as dead. Now thanks to all of you, the heart of the Democratic party. We have just won and won very big because of you, and we are very much alive in the race,” he said. Apart from Biden, Sanders, and Tom Steyer, none of the candidates received even a double-digit percentage of votes in South Carolina. Biden leads the race with a whopping 48.4% and 255,660 votes in total. Former Vice President lead was approximately 2.5 times Bernie Sanders, who secured the second spot with just 19.9% and 105,068 votes. Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren suffered heavily, with only 8% and 7% of votes, respectively. Tom Steyer scored a reasonable 11.3%

Biden shared is happiness with a video message from his official Twitter handle. Here’s the tweet:

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