Joe Biden, the former and the 47th Vice President of the United States is now running for the 2020 Presidential elections as a Democratic candidate. Joe Biden is a politician with impeccable experience serving the common man of the United States. He has been working for the enhancement of the public service since the last four decades. In short, Biden has devoted his entire professional life serving this beautiful country. His great works are - making colleges affordable to everyone, revitalized American manufacturing, championed legislation to protect women from violence, worked to end gun violence and the list goes on.

On April 25th, 2019 Joe Biden has officially announced his candidature for the 2020 Presidential Elections with a video on his YouTube channel. In his video, he spoke about the Unite the Right Rally which took place at Charlottesville, Virginia and the about how President Donald Trump reacted which stunned the entire world. Joe Biden said that the President of the United States has caused a potential threat to the nation with his words and if we continue to give him another term he will fundamentally change the character of this nation. To protect the national interests and to make the idea of America shine, Joe Biden has announced his candidacy for the President of the United States. You all must be wondering how right Joe Biden is and what can he offer the Americans. To know more details about Joe Biden’s campaign, his promises and policies you will have to listen to him in person at your nearest event as part of his campaign.

Here are the details and the list of events Joe Biden will attend for his 2020 Presidential run. Go ahead and grab your seats.

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