Former Senior Advisor to Obama has been elevated as Biden's Campaign Lead!!

Former Vice President Joe Biden has made some crucial changes to his senior staff after the delayed Iowa caucuses results. The changes made will strengthen the upcoming campaign events for Biden and his team. Anita Dunn, a former senior adviser to President Barack Obama, is elevated to lead the campaign operations of Joe Biden. She has already worked as an adviser to Biden previously traveling with him and guiding his debate preparations. With an elevated position, Anita will now have the final decision-making authority for all of his campaign trails. Dunn was one of the senior advisors to Barack Obama during his 2008 Presidential campaign and also served as White House communications director in his tenure.

The news of Dunn’s new role was shared internally by an email from campaign manager Greg Schultz and chairman Steve Ricchetti on Thursday. The email further added - “ Anita will be working closely with us on campaign strategy and in overall coordinating and planning of budget and personnel as we move further to build bigger campaigns for the next phase.” The move was considered to be a wakeup call after finding the stylistic differences between campaign manager Greg Schultz and chairman Steve Ricchetti; sources informed CNN. “ We wish to adjust and make some changes to our campaign to put our best foot as we move towards the next few contests,” a senior aide to Biden said in a call with reporters on Friday. Not only internally, but Biden’s campaign is also getting help from outside as well. One of the former top Obama campaign aide and manager to Beto O’ Rourke’s presidential campaign, Jen O’ Malley Dillion, has bee finalized to help Joe Biden in sourcing volunteers for his campaign’s organizing effort in Nevada.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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