Hillary Clinton helps Joe Biden campaign by raising $2 Million in a virtual fundraiser!!

Former Secretary of the State and 2016 Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton raised $2 million for Joe Biden’s new joint fundraising committee on Tuesday. This is by-far the highest one-night haul for Biden’s team which was low on cash when they started the campaign. Clinton held a virtual fundraiser over Zoom and collected money for Biden’s campaign. According to the campaign officials, this fundraiser collected more money than any other surrogate in a single event when the candidate is officially not present. The reason for collecting the highest amount is not solely due to the presence of Hillary Clinton, but the funds were directed to a new joint committee between the Biden campaign and Democratic National Committee (DNC). Donors were allowed to donate far more money than previous fundraisers, as it goes through the new joint committee. DNC and the campaign have started working fully in unison from the past week. The GOP and President Trump have been working in unison for years.

Biden and his team had a troubled campaign at the start unable to raise money, but they have overcome a lot of troubles and are now raking up serious money off late. The fundraising of Biden’s campaign has almost matched that of Trump’s for April. This is a pretty good sign as Biden was confined to his home all through the last two months due to the coronavirus pandemic and he participated only in virtual fundraisers. Biden along with Democratic National Committee has raised a total of $60.5 million. In comparison, Trump and the Republican National Committee have raised a little extra of $61.7 million at the closing of the last month. Biden’s campaign has racked up $43.7 million which is the majority of the Democratic Presidential operation fundraising.

With the positive outcome from Hillary Clinton’s fundraiser, Democratic party officials said they are expecting to raise even more with former President Barack Obama in the summer. Barack Obama endorsed his former Vice President Joe Biden last month which has already helped him to raise money.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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