Joe Biden’s Criminal justice policy

Violence has been totally out of order in America since Donald Trump assumed the office in 2017. In less than three years, more than 40 mass shootings happened in different parts of the United States, killing more the 250 people. The USA stands first in Gun-related death rates compared to the other high-income countries. Gun violence and mass shootings should be kept under control at the earliest. Equality, equity, and justice are the three ideas that every American believes. However, Americans have never lived up to it when it comes specifically to criminal prosecution. Presently, many individuals are imprisoned in the US. But the real problem is how they are treated in prison. Additionally, how we can help them with health, jobs, housing facilities so that they can re-join society once their term is served. As the President of the United States, Joe Biden is committed to strengthen justice and reform the Criminal Justice system.

Here are the core principles of Joe Biden’s Criminal Justice Policy:

1) To reduce Crime and thereby reducing the number of people incarcerated every year in America:

Drug cases should be diverted to drug courts and better treatments instead of imprisoning them for drug use alone. Reducing the number of imprisonments will help to decrease the federal spendings, and these savings should be reinvested wisely for the upliftment of the communities that are affected by the mass incarceration.

2) Criminal Justice should never be based on race, gender, or the income-based disparities:

No black family should live with a fear of getting injustice in America. They should feel safe and confident, walking on the streets of America.

3) Focus on redemption and rehabilitation of incarcerated individuals:

We need to provide an opportunity for all the incarcerated individuals to redeem themselves and join society as a productive member. Focussing on them will also help in the growth of the economy.

4) To establish an independent Task Force on Prosecutorial Discretion:

Independent Task Force deals with the officials’ decisions on when to arrest and when to charge.

5) To make investments in public defenders’ offices:

Joe Biden aims to provide fair criminal justice for all the individuals. With the investments, individuals who can’t afford counsel also have equal representation.

6) To eliminate the death penalty and expand effective alternative ways of detention:

Many individuals who have received the death sentence were exonerated later. Over the years, the death sentence cases were not right all the time. To fix this issue, Biden will work to pass the legislation to eliminate the death penalty.

7) To end the federal crack and powder cocaine disparity once and for all.
8) To provide adequate requirements for incarcerated women
9) To make sure human prison conditions.
10) To invest a whopping $1 Billion in juvenile justice reform.
11) No juveniles in Adult prisons.
12) Reducing gun and mass violence and supporting the survivors.
13) End of Private prisons and additional funding for Drug courts.
14) Decriminalizing Marijuana Use.
15) Job training and education for all those incarcerated inside the Prison.
16) To address systematic misconduct by Police & Prosecutors.
17) To provide 100% Housing for all those formerly incarcerated.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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