Joe Biden’s Foreign Policy for The United States

Foreign policy is one of the critical policies any country in the world should focus on; America is no different from that. This policy and its principles will strengthen the country’s place at a world stage. As the President of the United States, Joe Biden will make sure that America has a respected leader at the world stage and dignified leadership at home. Donald Trump’s inconsistent policies have cost us the top place at the world stage. His erratic policies and principles undermined our valuable democracy, caused a threat to our security, and weakened our relationships with our long-time alliances. To fix this mess, Joe Biden has laid out the blueprint for foreign policy and uplift America’s place among its alliances.

Once Biden takes charge, he will immediately renew our relationships with the alliances, which helps our economic growth. Advancement steps towards security, prosperity, and values of America will be implemented on a priority basis. Biden administration will collectively work with the leaders of the world to solve everyday challenges ranging from climate change to nuclear proliferation, cyber warfare, mass migration, and terrorism. Joe Biden aims to place America at the top of the table at every global event. Biden released his foreign policy in a speech at the Graduate Center at CUNY in New York.

Here are the proposals put forward by Joe Biden in his foreign policy:

Reinvigorate America’s Democracy. Revamp the education system so that their zip code or race don’t determine a child’s opportunity in life. Improve the criminal justice system to eliminate inequitable disparities. Restore the Voting Rights Act. Stop foreign influence on American elections and seek greater transparency in campaign finance system so American politics aren’t polluted. Invest in more significant resources, including cyber funds, to defending our election systems. Eliminate the practice of anonymous shell companies. Establish strict conflict-of-interest and anti-corruption policies for every member of the Biden administration so there will be no more self-dealing. Immediately return to daily press briefings at the White House, U.S. Department of State, and U.S. Department of Defense. America’s foreign policy relies on the informed consent of the American people. That is not possible when our government refuses to communicate with the public. Stabilize America’s national commitment to advancing human rights and democracy around the world. Establishing sensible policies to improve screening procedures at all the ports in co-operation with Canada and Mexico. Stopping the practice of separating families at the border and instead make smart investments in border technology. Protecting undocumented members of armed forces, veterans and their spouses from deportation. Lift the travel ban against people from Muslim-majority countries. Working collectively with other countries of the world to address and solve the Climate Crisis. Renew America’s commitment to Arms Control. Elevate Diplomacy and rebuild the US Department of State by investing in the finest democratic corps. End forever wars in the Middle East and Afghanistan. Bringing American troops back home from Afghanistan and shift the target on ISIS and Al-Queda. Defending and protecting the people of America even by using military force at any point in time. Investing in innovating technology like clean energy, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, 5G, and high-speed rail. Additionally, bring necessary laws to keep usage of AI in check. To provide every student with the skills required to get a 21st-century job, thereby rebuilding the middle class, which is the backbone of America.

President Joe Biden will host a Global Summit, to renew the spirit of our democracy and reinforce the democratic foundation in America and to inspire other countries in the world. Here’s Biden’s agenda for the Global Summit:

Summit will mainly focus on three commitments:

Fighting Corruption Defense against authoritarianism Advancement of Human Rights in their own country and abroad.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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