Joe Biden becomes the 46th President of the United States!!

After multiple days of suspense over the counting of votes in swing states of Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Nevada, the United States finally has the new President-elect. Two-term vice president Joe Biden has now won the elections of the oldest democracy, defeating the incumbent President Donald Trump in a close battle, becoming the 46th President of the United States. With his defeat, Trump became the first president since 1992 to fail to win his second term. All the presidents after 1992 have successfully won their second term, including his predecessor Barack Obama.

Multiple media outlets of the country, including The Associated Press, Fox News, and CNN, have called and declared Biden as the winner in the 2020 Presidential elections. With Biden’s win, Senator Kamala Harris will be the first woman, first Asian-American, and the first Black Vice President of the United States. The coronavirus cases are skyrocketing as Trump suffers the electoral loss to Joe Biden. The President-elect Joe Biden broke several records on his way to clinching the victory. Biden broke the record set by Obama in 2008 for most votes cast for a presidential candidate. More than 74 million voters cast their votes for Joe Biden. This is the first instance for any presidential nominee to win over 70 million votes in the election. Once he assumes office at the White House, Biden, 77, will be the oldest person to serve as the United States president.

Joe Biden has made a remarkable comeback in crucial swing states after trailing President Donald Trump on Election Day. He was trailing in Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan states, which have over 15 electoral votes each. Winning these states is crucial to reach the half-way mark for any candidate. With his dominance in mail-in ballots, Biden was able to fight back vigorously and win all three states against President Trump. Among the 13 swing states, Biden has clinched victory in seven key swing states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Nevada, Michigan, Arizona, and is leading in Georgia. As of now, Biden has won 290 electoral votes, crossing the half-way mark of 270 comfortably. After consolidating the lead in Georgia, Biden will end up winning 306 electoral votes.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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