Biden's Plan to Save Economy from Coronavirus Crisis.!!

Congress recently passed the emergency relief fund of $2.2 trillion, and President Trump signed the package. However, the biggest challenge is the execution of the funds. A proper plan needs to be laid out to fill the critical gaps and make sure the relief funds reach the needy at the earliest. Although President Trump announced and signed the single largest relief package ever in American history, there is no mention of how effectively the funds will be used. To solve the issue, former Vice President Joe Biden has released a comprehensive plan to save our economy from the coronavirus pandemic.

If Joe Biden was the President, here are the things he would implement to save our economy and help the families.

1. Using every available authority, including the Defense Production Act and report twice-daily to the President.

2. Compensate for wages, lost hours, and keep most of the Americans on the payroll.

3. Immediate loans and money guarantees to keep small businesses in the business.

4. Enforce real conditions and oversight on big corporations.

5. Work in tandem with the Congress to build the next deal.

6. Additional checks to families.

7. Subsidize a minimum of $10K per person of federal student loans, as proposed by Senator Elizabeth Warren and colleagues.

8. Rise monthly Social Security checks by $200 per month, proposed by Senator Wyden and colleagues.

9. Provision of emergency paid sick leave without leaving anyone.

10. Making COVID-19 testing, treatment, and vaccine free, ensuring no one has to pay a dollar out of pocket.

11. To provide all necessary fiscal relief to every state and their workers, especially those who are working on the front lines like New York.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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