Joe Biden’s Plan for Older Americans

A dignified retirement with all the facilities available at an affordable cost is what makes a country great for the older generation. After all, they have toiled so hard for themselves and the country's progress over the years. Providing social security, affordable health care system, effective ways to grow savings of middle-class, and support from the Government are the key factors nations across the world should put their focus. Presently, many Americans and most of the older Americans aren't able to afford their prescriptions. Such families are in a dilemma state of whether to save for themselves or to take care of their aging parents. Joe Biden aims for the betterment of older Americans' lives and their families. America is built by the working middle-class, and they deserve the right to retire with dignity. They should also be able to pay for their prescriptions without any support from their working family.

Here are the plans Joe Biden proposed for older Americans:

1. Eliminate the Abuse of Power by Drug Corporations.

2. Revoking the exception and allowing drug corporations to avoid negotiating with Medicare over the prices they offer.

3. Limiting launch prices for the drugs which have no competition and cut the price abuse.

4. Giving an option for consumers to purchase prescription drugs from other countries.

5. Aborting pharmaceutical corporations' tax breaks for advertisement spending.

6. Increasing the supply of quality generics.

7. Ensure Medicare is implemented effectively across the United States and benefits reach the last mile.

8. Provide tax relief and solve the long-term care challenge.

9. Strengthen Social Security benefits.

10. Provide higher benefits for the oldest Americans.

11. Protect widow and widowers from rising cuts in benefits.

12. Eliminate penalties for public-sector workers and teachers.

13. Equalize saving incentives for middle-class workers.

14. Protecting older Americans from age restriction.

15. Amplify the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) to older workers.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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