We will come back stronger and will win -Joe Biden

Former Vice President Joe Biden is confident that his campaign will bounce back and will win eventually after the gloomy performance in Iowa and New Hampshire. He sounded victorious and declared a comeback when he took the stage at a union hall in Las Vegas. “I know the final results are yet to be declared, but I feel really good. You put me in a position. You know, the press is ready to declare people dead quickly, but we are alive, and we are going to come back and win,” said Biden in his speech.

Before the speech, Biden’s campaign manager Greg Schultz posted on Twitter that “as per our internal data, Biden will secure a strong second rank tonight in Nevada.” Because there was a massive turnout among African Americans, caucus-goers older than 65 & those who oppose Sanders’ Medicare for All policy. On the other hand, Pete Buttigieg’s campaign projected him for the second rank. However, the lead for Biden grew as the night completed. In his speech, Buttigieg also attacked Sanders by calling him “an inflexible, ideological revolution that leaves out most Democrats and Americans.” The war of words between Sanders and Buttigieg is what Biden hopes and wants to make a comeback. South Carolina’s February 29th primary is a must-win for Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden is confident of winning South Carolina, where two-thirds of the voters are black. This will help Biden as he was the Vice President when the USA got its first African-American President, Barack Obama. In his speech, Bide made sure to mention his link to Obama. “I was proud to have run with Obama, and I’m proud to be still friends with the President. And I tell you what? I promise you, I wasn’t talking about running a Democratic primary against him in 2012,” said Joe Biden. South Carolina primary is going to be of great importance for the Vice President. It is the responsibility of the Americans to make Donald Trump - a one-time President, and to do so; Joe Biden needs your support.

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Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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