Joe Biden launches his line of Merchandise taking a dig at Donald Trump

The 2020 US election contest is getting interesting with every passing day. Recently, we have seen an impeachment inquiry on President Donald Trump for asking foreign help and investigate his political opponent Joe Biden. President Trump has been trying to damage Joe Biden’s reputation from the past few months. There is no wonder in guessing the reason for Trump’s actions, Joe Biden in all probability will be the Democratic nominee who will battle it out against Donald Trump in the Presidential elections. Their campaigns are running parallelly on both digital and print mediums. In the past few weeks, Trump has released an advertisement claiming Joe Biden and his son’s illegal connections with Ukraine counterparts. However, the very first line of the ad is false, as per Joe Biden’s advisor.

Later, Trump started putting out tweets from his controversial handle talking about the corruption of Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden. Former Vice Presiden, Joe Biden, thrashed Trump is his very own style. Biden tweeted a video asking Donald Trump to release his tax returns or to shut up. Joe Biden in his video response, stated, “I’ve entered as of the poorest men in Congress and left as one of the poorest men in Government, Congress and as Vice-President. I made no money while I was holding any office other than my salary. Mr. President release your tax returns or shut up.” For all those dummies, President Donald Trump promised to make his tax returns public on multiple occasions but failed to do so. To spice up things, Joe Biden and his team have come up with an excellent strategy in taking a dig at the President. Recently, Biden launched his line of merchandise, where they included a t-shirt design that reads - “Release your tax returns or shut up.”

Here’s the link to Joe Biden’s official merchandise.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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