Joe Biden Plan for Veterans!!

Veterans play a crucial role in safeguarding the country from possible attacks. They put their lives at stake to protect us. Former Vice President Joe Biden believes that as a nation that has many obligations, the sacred one must always be to equip and train our troops properly. It is the role of the government to make sure they receive proper care and make them return safely to their families. Biden’s son is deployed in Iraq, and as parents, Joe and Jill Biden perfectly understand how it feels to be a parent of army personnel. As a President, Trump has failed multiple times to support our veterans and ignored the sacred obligation. It is under Trump’s administration that undocumented veterans were deported, and he pursued policies that are designed to privatize the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Presently, less than 1% of Americans serve in the military, the rest 99% of us owe those severing to secure our future. As the President of the United States, Joe Biden will work round the clock for the betterment of veterans and their families. Biden will also make sure to meet the sacred obligation with his plan for Veterans. Here are some of the key points from his plan:

1. Biden will unite the country to restore the Department of Veterans Affairs as the premier agency ensuring the veterans’ well-being.

2. To provide World-Class Health Care for all veterans.

3. Improving the Department of Veterans Affairs Management and Accountability.

4. Creating employment and educational opportunities.

5. Striving for the progress to eliminate homelessness among veterans.

6. Bring down the suicide rates of veterans.

7. Redefine and update the community care guidelines.

8. Starting cultural competency training protocols.

9. Improving health care for women veterans by working with Congress.

10. To provide enough funding and childcare at all Veteran Medical centers.

11. Elimination of co-pays for preventive health care.

12. Increase in funds and expansion of telehealth access through the Department of Veterans Affairs.

13. Work for the modernization of Veteran hospitals.

14. Exclusive access to mental health services for veterans in crisis.

15. Establishment of a national center for excellence to reduce veteran suicides.

16. Reduce errors and delays in processing the claims.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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