Joe Biden Commutes to Home delaware. A Few Things Have Changed.

WILMINGTON, Dell. — Another work week had come to an end, and men and ladies throughout Delaware returned to their homes for a couple of days faraway from the office. one among them just happened to be the president of the US .

As he had done countless times in his long career in public office, Joseph R. Biden Jr. returned to the Wilmington suburbs from Washington on Friday — this point , because the commander in chief.

In keeping with the overall tone of his presidency thus far , little commotion ensued.

There were no Twitter outbursts or golf outings, though the winter weather wouldn't have allowed for hitting the links anyway. there have been not many Biden sightings, either. Instead, it had been a weekend where Mr. Biden was in his most natural state: reception in Delaware, where everyone seems to understand everyone, the new president included.

Asked his plans for the weekend, Mr. Biden told reporters, “To see my grandchildren and to hang out with Jill to get the rest of the stuff we have to move from our house to the other house,” referring to the first lady, Jill Biden, and their new residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The White House said he would also watch the Super Bowl.

A few things had changed since Jan. 19, the day before his inauguration, when he declared he would “always be a proud son of the state of Delaware” and left for Washington. For one thing, he returned aboard Air Force One — a far grander mode of transit than the trains he would ride to Washington and back in his decades as a senator.

The trip was Mr. Biden’s first on Air Force One as president, though he was aboard a Boeing 757, not the larger, iconic 747. The flight from Joint Base Andrews took just 25 minutes — a big improvement over Amtrak’s Acela service, which takes about 3 times as long to get to Wilmington from Washington.

Air Force One whooshed overhead and landed at New Castle Airport near Wilmington shortly after 6 p.m. on Friday as Rob Hicks, 27, and his brother, Kyle Hicks, 25, watched from the rear of a pickup behind a Burger King just outside the airport.

For the brothers, who work on their family’s aircraft parts company, the new president wasn't the most attractive, though they spoke positively about him. They were drawn more by the prospect to ascertain his plane.

“If you look around, most of the world just keeps going on, but then you get aviation geeks like us,” Rob Hicks said. “Maybe it’s a little bit about Biden, but not so much. It’s more about the plane itself and Air Force One and what that carries.”

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