Kamala Harris leads the early race to be Biden's running mate!!

Ever since Biden announced that he would choose a lady as his running mate, speculations went viral that he would like one of his opponents from the Democratic primaries. During the primaries, many felt that California Senator Kamala Harris and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren would be his top contenders for the second-highest powerful position across the world. Last year after Kamala Harris had a debate which was racially insensitive with Joe Biden, political experts concluded that she might not get a chance to be his running mate if he goes on to become the Democratic Presidential candidate. However, tables turned rather quickly for California Senator. She is now the top contender for the role supported by Biden aides, donors, surrogates to join Biden for the race to the White House.

At the time Biden’s team started the process to pick the Vice Presidential candidate, they have included as many as a dozen Democrats. As the interview process took place, two dozen Democrats who were advisers, allies, donors to Biden showed their confidence in Kamala Harris as the front runner out of all the candidates. Elizabeth Warren took the second spot. Harris and Biden have been talking privately for quite some time on the developing issues around the presumptive Democratic nominee.

One of the donors said - “Kamala Harris is clearly out there and is supportive to Joe Biden. Along with that, she is also coming out to be a strong VP candidate. Over the months, she continued to prove herself as a team player for Joe Biden and Democrats in the Senate. This is an added advantage for her no matter if she gets picked for the post of Vice Presidency or not.” Another South Carolina Democrat said - “I would be extremely disappointed if Kamala Harris won’t be given the role of Biden’s running mate. She richly deserves it.”

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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