No one should fear for life while praying: Biden o..

NEW DELHI: President Joe Biden referred to the shooting at the Oak Creek Gurdwara in Wisconsin, w..

Is that it? Democrats argue that Joe Biden shouldn..

WASHINGTON: The question of whether President Joe Biden, the oldest person to hold the office in ..

Biden: Killing of al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahir..

WASHINGTON: Al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahiri was killed in a US drone strike in Kabul on Monday,..

Xi cautions Biden. If Pelosi goes to Taiwan, the U..

WASHINGTON: The White House reported that the conference lasted two hours and 17 minutes, and bot..

The US "won't be in a recession," according to Joe..

WASHINGTON: President Joe Biden stated on Monday that he does not anticipate an economic slo..

In ten days, Biden anticipates speaking with Xi Ji..

Washington: By the end of the month, U.S. President Joe Biden intends to speak with h..

Joe Biden raises Khashoggi murder, MbS cites ‘US..

JEDDAH: Shortly after shaking hands with the de facto ruler of the kingdom, US President Joe Bide..

Joe Biden’s fist bump fiasco in Israel muddles b..

NEW DELHI: A blazing orb, a slapping embrace, a proper handshake, or a superb, Covid-appropriate ..

Covid or politics? Biden to avoid handshakes in Is..

TEL AVIV: President of the United States Joe Biden will try to limit close contact, such as shaki..

Joe Biden defends pending visit to Saudi Arabia in..

WASHINGTON: President Joe Biden defended his intention to visit Saudi Arabia in a newspaper opini..

US President Joe Biden signs order on abortion acc..

WASHINGTON: After the Supreme Court struck down a constitutional right to surgery two weeks ..

To lower prices, Joe Biden unleashes five million ..

To aid Americans who suffer at the pump, Joe Biden gave out five million barrels from the Strateg..

In a letter to Joe Biden, Britney Griner begs for ..

Brittney Griner appealed in a letter to Joe Biden after being detained in Russia. The letter, whi..

Won't Stop Fighting "Gun Violence Epidemic", Says ..

Washington: After a tragic mass shooting at a July 4th parade in a Chicago suburb, US..

12 US lawmakers urge Joe Biden to hold India accou..

In response to India's "dangerous trade-distorting policies," a group of US congres..

President Joe Biden backs filibuster exception to ..

After the US Supreme Court reversed Roe v. Wade, President Joe Biden stated on Thursday that he w..

Joe Biden says US changing force posture in Europe..

MADRID: President Joe Biden of the United States stated on Wednesday at a Nato meeting in Madrid ..

US President Joe Biden's wife, and daughter among ..

Moscow: US President Joe Biden's wife and daughter have been banned from Russia, ..

‘And tonight, we acted’: US President Joe Bide..

President of the United States Joe Biden claimed on Friday that lawmakers had at last heeded the ..

Janet Yellen says Joe Biden to nominate first nati..

ROSEBUD, SOUTH DAKOTA: US treasury secretary Janet Yellen on Tuesday will ann..

US President Joe Biden says his relationship with ..

WASHINGTON: United States President Joe Biden said on Friday said that he shared a &quo..

Biden nominates Indian-American to top Pentagon po..

WASHINGTON: US President has nominated Indian-American to a top position. Currently serving as th..

Joe Biden to visit Israel and Saudia Arabia, meet ..

Washington: US President Joe Biden will make history next month with a dire..

Biden says Ukraine's Zelenskyy 'didn't want to hea..

LOS ANGELES: US President Joe Biden said Friday that his Ukrainian counterpa..

Under Joe Biden, China has widened trade lead in m..

BUENOS AIRES/LIMA/LOS ANGELES: China has widened the gap with the United States in trade ter..

US Supreme Court Seeks Biden Views In WhatsApp 'Pe..

Washington: The US Supreme Court on Monday asked President Joe Biden's admin..

Biden Wishes Elon Musk ..

Washington: President Joe Biden took his on-and-off tensions with billionaire Elon Mu..

US President Joe Biden appeals for tougher gun law..

WASHINGTON - "Enough, enough," President Joe Biden exclaimed over and over Thursday nig..

As gas prices soar, Joe Biden likely to visit Saud..

WASHINGTON: President Joe Biden is likely to visit Saudi Arabia later this month as par..

BTS members meet US President Joe Biden at the Whi..

On Tuesday BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook talked about anti-Asian..

The US will not send Ukraine rocket systems that c..

WASHINGTON: The United States will not send Ukraine rocket systems that can reach Russia, Pr..

Joe Biden arrives in Texas school massacre town..

UVALDE: US President Joe Biden arrived Sunday in Uvalde to console residents ..

Ties with US ‘partnership of trust’: PM Modi t..

NEW DELHI: Describing India’s ties with the US as a “partnership of trust”,&nbs..

Joe Biden reacts to Texas school shooting: ‘When..

US President Joe Biden asked Americans to stand up to the gun lobby and pressure members of Congr..

"Quad Not A Passing Fad, Means Business": Joe Bide..

Tokyo: US President Joe Biden today said that Quad is "not just a passing fad bu..

13 Countries To Join Indo-Pacific Economic Framewo..

Tokyo: President Joe Biden announced Monday in Tokyo that 13 countries have joined a ..

Biden, South Korean President Discuss North Korea'..

US President Joe Biden and South Korea's newly sworn-in President Yoon Suk yeol said Sat..

Joe Biden has an eye on China as he heads to South..

President Joe Biden departs on a six-day trip to South Korea and Japan aiming to build rapport wi..

"White Supremacy Is A Poison Running Through Our B..

Buffalo: President Joe Biden on Tuesday called out what he branded the "poison&q..

Reversing Trump’s decision, President Biden sign..

President Joe Biden signed an order Monday to redeploy hundreds of US troops to Somalia to counte..

Jeff Bezos Criticises Biden's Economic Policies. W..

Washington: The White House on Monday uncharacteristically lashed out at Amazon found..

Joe Biden's New York Visit After Supermarket Shoot..

Washington: US President Joe Biden will visit Buffalo, New York Tuesday after 10 peop..

"Joe Biden's Mistake Is...": Elon Musk Throws Shad..

New Delhi: Joe Biden was elected US President because "everyone just wanted less..

Putin doesn't know way out of war: Biden as the US..

Russian President Vladimir Putin does not know his way out of the war, Joe Biden said o..

Biden meets with G7 leaders, Ukraine’s Zelenskyy..

US President Joe Biden met with his G7 counterparts and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy o..

Russia-Ukraine War: Us President Joe Biden announc..

United States President Joe Biden on Friday announced a new weapons package for&nb..

US president Joe Biden taps 1st Black woman, LGBT ..

WASHINGTON: President Joe Biden on Thursday named Karine Jean-Pierre to be the next White House p..

"Woman's Right To Choose Fundamental": Biden On Dr..

Washington:  President Joe Biden has urged US voters to defend access to abortio..

On Eid, Joe Biden Says Muslims Being Targeted With..

Washington: Around the world, Muslims are being targeted with violence, US President ..

Joe Biden's Plan To Compensate Ukraine Using Seize..

Washington: The White House proposed Thursday to use assets seized from Russian oliga..

Joe Biden To Meet PM Modi At Quad Summit In Japan ..

New Delhi: US President Joe Biden will travel to South Korea and Japan next month and..

Biden administration temporarily blocked from remo..

What might come as a temporary setback for the Biden administration, a federal judge in Louisiana..

NATO Secretary-General participates in leaders cal..

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg participated in a secure conference call hosted by U.S. P..

US President Joe Biden Mocked After Shaking Hands..

The awkward handshake moment led to a barrage of comments from the..

Biden, Harris celebrate Ketanji Brown Jackson's hi..

The White House on Friday held a ceremony to celebrate the bipartisan and historic confirmation o..

Biden-Obama: White House reunion to celebrate heal..

WASHINGTON: The last time President Barack Obama was in the White House was on Jan..

Biden to invoke Defense Production Act for electri..

President Joe Biden will invoke the Defense Production Act to encourage domestic production ..

Joe Biden Nominates Indian-Origin Woman Attorney T..

Washington: US President Joe Biden has announced his intent to nominate Indian-origin..

Biden says 'Americans are back to work' after jobl..

President Joe Biden praised the March jobs data, which indicated the US added 431,000 new jobs in..

Battle for Ukraine will 'not be won in months': Jo..

On Saturday, Vice President Joe Biden demanded that Vladimir Putin be removed from office. Additi..

Biden says the US moving 'strongly' on Asia-Pacifi..

WASHINGTON: President Joe Biden said Tuesday that the United States is forging "strongly&quo..

Vladimir Putin using chemical, and biological weap..

WASHINGTON- US President Joe Biden said Monday that it's "clear" Russia is con..

Trump Administration To Allow Discrimination again..

Off late, President Donald Trump has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Be it foreign in..

Smugglers are entering America through Trump's Bor..

President Donald Trump has fought the 2016 election with the promise of building the Border Wall ..

Joe Biden Statement On Democrats Huge Win In Virgi..

Virginia House of Delegates has been ruled by Republicans for 20 years now. After a long, long wa..

The Biden Plan for Strengthening Worker Unions!!..

The working middle class builds America is the one constant thing Joe Biden always believes in. S..

Biden Blasts Trump for calling Russian election in..

Facebook has recently released a statement saying Russian trolls have created a series of account..

Joe Biden Congratulates American Special Forces on..

President of the United States on Sunday announced that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the world’s n..

Russian Trolls are back to Interfere in 2020 US El..

There is nothing wrong with saying that Donald Trump has become the President of the United State..

President Trump Picks his own Hotel to Host 2020 G..

President Donald Trump is on a spree of abusing power bestowed on him. Firstly, he asked foreign ..

Joe Biden launches his line of Merchandise taking ..

The 2020 US election contest is getting interesting with every passing day. Recently, we have see..

President Trump has Lied over 13,000 times while i..

President Donald Trump recently completed 1000 days in office on Wednesday, October 17th. The Was..

Highlights from Fourth Democratic Debate!!..

The fourth Democratic Party's Presidential debate was hosted by CNN and The New York Times in..

Trump Cuts Down Legal Immigration by up to 65% ..

President Donald Trump signed a proclamation late Friday evening, which helps in restricting lega..

Biden Launches Trump Rapid Response Fund To Battle..

The US elections are intensifying with every passing day. While Joe Biden is winning people&rsquo..

Trump Breaks his Promise To Poor Farmers!!..

Donald Trump has tough times ahead of the 2020 elections. With an impeachment order against him, ..

President Trump Requests China to Start Investigat..

While there is already an impeachment order against President Donald Trump, he doesn’t seem..

Here's Why President Trump Loves NRA ?..

Politics in the United States are currently revolving only among three things - Gun Violence, Pre..

Joe Biden's Plan to End Gun Violence..

Gun violence is one of the significant issues America is currently facing. Approximately 40,000 A..

Texas Deputy who wore Sikh Turban was Fatally Shot..

Texas deputy officer, Sandeep Singh Dhaliwal who made national headlines when he was allowed to w..

Exposed: Trump's False Claim on Biden About Ukrain..

The Ukraine deal issue has stormed American politics in the past week. President Trump believes t..

The US Witnessed Largest Reduction of Protected La..

While the whole world is discussing climate change and its effects, US President Donald Trump is ..

Opinion An Average American's Insight's on US Poli..

Democrats are offering money to oppose the wealthiest Americans. Large companies that don't p..

Call Transcript Between Trump and Ukraine Presiden..

Politics in the United States are at exciting levels. President Trump has been accused of abusing..

Let's Stand With Biden Against Foreign Involvement..

In 2014, the Obama administration, along with Vice President Joe Biden tried to support the new g..

Biden’s work in Ukraine: What we all know and Do..

WASHINGTON — President Trump is attempting to deflect attention from a firestorm of dispute..

Trump Administration Revokes California’s power ..

President Donald Trump on Wednesday put out a series of tweets which says that his administration..

25 years for one of Joe Biden's Greatest Accomplis..

Joe Biden, former Vice President of the United States, has been actively involved in politics for..

Highlights from the Third Democratic Debate..

Presidential debates are held to decide the final contestant from both the Democratic and Republi..

President Donald Trump facing issues with his Ment..

The name Donald Trump itself gives an idea about his peculiar behavior and weird decision-making...

Climate Change is a threat to Economy, Health, and..

Climate change is one of the significant issues every country across the world is currently deali..

Trump fires National Security Advisor Bolton. Is t..

Trump fires National Security Advisor Bolton. Is this the beginning of _Trump Alone_ Era


$3.6 Billion In Military Construction Funds Divert..

The Trump wall is the name given to the proposed expansion of the United States-Mexico border dur..

Donald Trump is Spreading Cancer to this Amazing C..

It is a universal truth that a country’s progress or regress depends on the democratically elec..

President Donald Trump's New Target is Children of..

Donald Trump is known for making some bizarre and outrageous decisions now and then since he took..

Biden needs your support for #StudentsForBiden cam..

Former Vice President, Joe Biden is on a campaign spree for the upcoming 2020 US Presidential ele..

Trump and his illogical decisions over the past we..

We are witnessing an exciting and a bit dramatic phase of the US 2020 elections. If we go by the ..

Joe Biden's new TV ad highlights his Personal Jour..

With just over a year, the race for 2020 Presidential elections is heating up. As many as 25 nomi..

Joe Biden Plan for Rural America..

Rural areas are the places where the country’s wealth is present. Just like corporate companies..

Joe Biden’s Plan for Older Americans..

A dignified retirement with all the facilities available at an affordable cost is what makes a co..

Here's how USA and its Trade War Relations are Ind..

Foreign relations are always crucial for any country in the world. A mutual understanding between..

Joe Biden Cements The Top Spot of Democratic Race..

The build-up for the 2020 US elections is underway in America. While Donald Trump is set to run f..

Joe Biden’s Foreign Policy for The United States..

Foreign policy is one of the critical policies any country in the world should focus on; America ..

Let’s Stand with Joe Biden against the NRA..

Gun violence is a terrible thing in any part of the world. Especially if it often happens in a fi..

Joe Biden condemns the El Paso Shootings!!..

The United States has seen unprecedented mass shootings in the last two days. The first shooting ..

Joe Biden’s Criminal justice policy..

Violence has been totally out of order in America since Donald Trump assumed the office in 2017. ..

Did Russian Govt Help Donald Trump to become the P..

US Presidential elections are the most prestigious political event across the world. Every countr..

Joe Biden's Health Care Policy ..

The United States of America has always lacked a significant afforda..

Joe Biden's Pledge To Protect Democracy!!..

The 2016 US Presidential elections have seen many reports about the involvement of foreign govern..

The Journey of How Joe Biden Became Millionaire is..

Joe Biden, the 47th Vice President of the United States, is presently the most popular name in th..

Joe Biden's Clean Climate Policy-Part 2..

Let’s discuss Biden’s Climate Policy in detail :

Joe Biden has been working on the ..

Joe Biden's Clean Climate Policy-Part 1..

Joe Biden, the 47th Vice President of the United States, is now contesting for the 2020 US Presid..

Women's Soccer Team Shocks Donald Trump By Winning..

The United Nations women’s national soccer team or termed as USWNT is one of the most succe..

Terrible things America witnessed under Donald J.T..

1. Immigration  
“ America was not build on fear”. These..

Joe Biden’s Education Policy Explained..

Biden who worked as the senator of Delaware for over 40 years has announced his candidacy for the..

Joe Biden has raised whopping $21.5 million in ju..

The race for the 2020 US Presidential Elections is getting exciting day by day. More than 15 cand..

Joe Biden Policies for the United States of Americ..

Joe Biden, the 47th Vice President of the United States has announced in April that he will be ru..

Republican Party and Their History..

If you look into the past, American politics have always been dominated by two political parties ..

Dr Dhillon thinks "Harris is of no match to Biden ..

2020 US elections are considered to be the most effective elections in the history of America. It..

Democratic Party and it's History..

If you look into the past, American politics have always been dominated by two political parties ..

Anything is Possible in America..

This country wasn’t built by Wall Street bankers and CEOs and hedge fund managers. It was built by..