Trump says he might relax tougher FDA vaccine guid..

With nation-wide polls and his ratings going down every month, President Donald Trump is facing t..

Biden beats Trump with huge cash lead and spending..

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden clinches yet another victory against President Trump in..

Twitter tags Trump's post as manipulated media aft..

After lagging in every poll against the Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, President Trum..

Biden's polling figures are nearing the half way m..

Democratic presidential nominee has been ahead of President Trump in all the polls this summer. E..

Biden says he will trust scientists but not Trump ..

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden criticized President Trump and his administration&rsquo..

Ex-Pence advisor blasts Trump for his COVID respon..

A former senior advisor to Vice President Mike Pence blasted President Trump and his team at the ..

FBI Director says Russia is engaged to interfere i..

FBI Director Christopher Wray made controversial statements about Russia's interference in th..

Poll_ Biden leads in North Carolina against Presid..

Former vice president Joe Biden is again leading the poll by three percentage points among likely..

Climate Agreement of different countries depends o..

Major world nations, including China, which emit enormous amounts of greenhouse gases, are waitin..

Biden holds a near two-digit national lead against..

Former vice president Joe Biden is consistently proving his formidable lead against President Don..

Here are the precautions taken by Biden to beat co..

With over 6.7 million cases, the United States of America is the worst affected country in the wo..

Trump's law and order message didn't have an impac..

President Donald Trump's attempt to win Wisconsin voters' confidence has fallen flat as t..

Biden and DNC raises $150 more than Trump in Augus..

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden looks formidable in his battle for the White House agai..

Trump knowingly and willingly lied about the virus..

Former Vice President Joe Biden intensified attacks on President Donald Trump over the revelation..

Biden campaign launches a new initiative to attrac..

With over two million members, the Hindu community is one of the considerable chunks of people wh..

We have two justice systems in America_ Harris..

Attorney General in Trump’s administration, William Barr, acknowledged that some statistics sug..

Rep. Val Demings attacks President Trump for racia..

Florida’s 10th district Representative Val Demings of the Democratic party slammed President Do..

Can't trust Trump on any vaccine released before e..

Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris attacked President Donald Trump for his fake p..

President Trump contradicts with top health offici..

With Election Day fast approaching, Trump is trying to paint his inabilities to handle the corona..

Americans should be prepared if Trump refuses to l..

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders fears that President Donald might refuse to leave the White House ..

Biden leads Trump in Pennsylvania and Florida as p..

Former vice president Joe Biden continues his winning streak in polls as he leads President Donal..

Biden raises whopping $365 million in August month..

Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden and Democratic National Committee reported a record-bre..

Trump makes false claims of Chinese backing for Jo..

The Coronavirus pandemic has once again proved the inability of President Trump to lead the count..

Biden rips President Trump over racial protests!!..

Former vice president Joe Biden on Monday attacked and blamed President Donald Trump for unable t..

Twitter pledges to label deceptive videos against ..

There is no wonder in saying that social media eventually decides the winner of the present day&r..

Biden campaign's co-chair blasts President Trump f..

Co-chairman of Biden's presidential campaign Cedric Richmond criticized President Donald Trump fo..

Harris wants the Cop who shot Jacob Blake to be 'c..

Until the past few months, racial protests were at full swing in the middle of a pandemic in the ..

Pelosi suggests no presidential debates this year ..

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been a well-known critic of President Donald Trump for a long time..

Biden vows to bring back hope to US after the dark..

Former vice president Joe Biden made an emotional and emphatic speech after accepting the Democra..

More than 25 former Republican lawmakers endorse J..

Former Vice President Joe Biden isn't stopping his momentum in winning endorsements anytime s..

Poll: Biden leads Trump with a significant margin ..

Former Vice President Joe Biden maintains his lead against President Trump firmly without any imp..

Biden gives it back to Trump over his remarks on a..

With poll losses and a decrease in the ratings, President Donald Trump is back to his favorite ro..

I'd lock down the country if virus spread isn't co..

After accepting the Democratic party's presidential nomination, former vice president Joe Biden h..

Obama criticizes Trump as a threat to democracy!!..

Former President Barack Obama launched an all-out attack on his successor, President Donald Trump..

Hillary Clinton offers advice to Joe Biden to beat..

Former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has some advice for Democratic president..

There's no vaccine for racism - Kamala Harris at D..

California Senator Kamala Harris became the first Black woman and first Asian American to join a ..

Kamala Harris is already helping the Joe Biden cam..

It’s been less than a week since Kamala Harris was selected as the running mate for Biden. She ..

Bernie Sanders supports Harris as vice presidentia..

Senator Bernie Sanders responded positively after former Vice President Biden selected Senator Ka..

Biden & Harris bats for mandatory masks in all sta..

Former Vice President Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris began their first briefing wit..

Poll_ Voters accept Harris as Biden's best pick fo..

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden's choice of his running mate is already a ..

Biden raises whopping $26 million in a single day ..

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign had the best fundraising for a single day after ..

Biden maintains a healthy 10-point national lead a..

With every new poll, President Trump’s ratings are going further down, and former Vice Presiden..

Blame game starts between Congress leaders as Covi..

Some of the top congressional leaders and the White House officials started to blame each other o..

Biden selects Kamala Harris as his running mate!!..

Former vice president, Joe Biden puts an end to the speculations and the long wait by selecting K..

Biden continues his lead in Pennsylvania and Wisco..

Former Vice President Joe Biden looks in a formidable position as per the latest polls. Biden has..

Over 300 DNC delegates and members urge Biden to s..

A group with over 300 delegates to the Democratic National Convention and the members of the Demo..

Biden slams Trump for reducing federal funding of ..

Former Vice President Joe Biden targeted President Trump on Friday for cutting down the federal f..

Biden slams Trump for his remarks on God if electe..

Former Vice President Joe Biden slammed Trump for the fresh attacks on him from the president. Tr..

Despite high death rate, Trump praises Arizona mod..

Speaking in a White House press briefing on Wednesday, President Donald Trump praised Arizona Gov..

Pro-Bernie group launches digital campaign to supp..

One of the left-wing groups which opposed Biden during the democratic primaries is now launching ..

Biden promises to announce his running in the firs..

On Tuesday, former vice president Joe Biden pledged that he would announce his running mate in th..

Biden urges Congress to pass emergency housing pac..

Former Vice President Joe Biden requested Congress to pass the emergency housing package as both ..

Biden leads in Georgia & North Carolina as per the..

Former Vice President Joe Biden is making his way to win the white voters' support in two Souther..

Trump says he may ban TikTok in the US!!..

President Donald Trump said on Friday that his administration has plans to suspend the Chinese-ow..

Trump suggests postponement of general elections!!..

President Donald Trump is under immense pressure surrounding him. With Biden’s poll figures ris..

US economy suffer worst quarterly figures due to c..

Coronavirus is the single most discussed topic presently across the world, including the United S..

Biden holds 7 point lead in North Carolina!!..

The presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden has a comfortable 7-percentage point lead against Pr..

President Trump promotes hydroxychloroquine despit..

One of the essential characteristics of any world leader is to quickly learn from their mistakes ..

First presidential debate gets a new venue amid pa..

The presidential debate before the general election is one of the traditions in the history of US..

Drugmakers refuse to attend White House meeting af..

Drug manufacturers of America and the Trump administration were scheduled to meet on Tuesday to d..

Joe Biden's statement on the development of vaccin..

The entire world came to a standstill with the coronavirus outbreak, which started in China. The ..

Here's everything you need to know about Biden's V..

Former Vice President Joe Biden and his team are toiling out to choose the Vice Presidential cand..

Biden leads in yet another Fox News Poll against D..

Since the Super Tuesday primaries at the end of February, former Vice President Joe Biden is at h..

America hits 4 million positive coroanvirus cases!..

The United States on Thursday officially surpassed 4 million positive cases for coronavirus, maki..

Millennials want Biden to pick Black woman as VP i..

According to a new poll, selecting a Black woman as the vice presidential candidate and his runni..

Trump warns of high mortality rate if schools don'..

Despite massive criticism from fellow Americans, President Donald Trump still wants the schools t..

Trump is the first racist to serve as President - ..

Former vice president, Joe Biden made one of the outrageous comments against President Trump on W..

Biden to announce a new caregiving plan for kids &..

Former vice president, Joe Biden has been working on his own economic recovery plan, suggesting h..

President Trump wants payroll tax cut in the next..

As per three close sources of the White House, President Donald Trump hinted to the Republicans t..

Biden leads by 13 points against Trump in Pennsylv..

Former Vice President Joe Biden yet again demonstrated his dominance in the polls against Preside..

Majority of voters think Biden's VP choice won't a..

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s choice of his running mate is currently the talk of the town ..

Trump govt halts its plan to deport international ..

Two of America's top universities, Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, won a signi..

Joe Biden will listen to CDC suggestions on reopen..

Jill Biden, the wife of the former Vice President Joe Biden, said that her husband would listen t..

Trump's coronavirus approval ratings hit all time ..

President Donald Trump's ratings have been on a constant downfall since the beginning of the coro..

Health officials contradict President Trump about ..

President Donald Trump and the health officials from his administration have been contradicting e..

Biden lashes at Donald Trump in his latest economi..

On Thursday, former Vice President Joe Biden took center stage to lay down the country's economic..

Former Sanders supporters launch pro-Biden campaig..

Former Vice President Joe Biden has been displaying his winning streak in the national polls beat..

Nancy Pelosi isn't happy with White House's $1 Tri..

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi dismissed the Trump administration’s idea to limit the next coronavi..

Biden gains double-digit lead over President Trump..

Former Vice President Joe Biden has been leading in every poll against President Donald Trump to ..

Former European Council President Donald Tusk back..

With the 2020 general elections just months away, former Vice President Joe Biden is strengthenin..

Trump shifts his decision on masks, says he's open..

After immense criticism from the health experts, political activists, and the common man of the c..

Trump's job approval ratings dips further amid the..

The coronavirus pandemic has turned the dreams of President Donald Trump upside down. Trump was i..

Eric Fanning, head of Aerospace Industries Associa..

Eric Fanning, CEO of Aerospace Industries Association (AIA), which represents more than 300 compa..

Biden to release the potential SCOTUS list of Blac..

Former Vice President Joe Biden recently made his first public appearance in months after the loc..

All roads lead to Putin for Trump- Nancy Pelosi..

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been opposing President Donald Trump for a long time now. She was ..

Twitch, Reddit bans President Donald Trump related..

President Donald Trump is not only receiving flak from the citizens of the country but also the s..

Bernie's student army signals to support Joe Biden..

While Bernie Sanders was still in the race for the Democratic primary, a flurry of students for B..

Biden may be your President because some people do..

Amid multiple bad polling figures for President Donald Trump in the past few months, he seems to ..

Trump is acting like a child in handling coronavir..

Former Vice President amplified his criticism for President Donald Trump on Thursday for his resp..

After outrage, Trump says his less coronavirus tes..

In the past week, President Donald Trump claimed at a campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, tha..

Former Republican Presidential Candidate Fiorina h..

Former Republican Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina who ran against President Donald Trump in ..

Biden increases his lead over Trump in Wisconsin a..

After the overall country-wide lead in the polls by Fox News, former Vice President Joe Biden has..

Obama is back to campaign trail to support Joe Bid..

Former President Barack Obama is set to join the campaign trail of Democratic Presidential nomine..

Trump suspends H1B visa despite the criticism from..

President Donald Trump issued a presidential proclamation that suspends the H1B visa process temp..

Biden continues his lead over Trump in the latest ..

Along with the coronavirus positive numbers and protests across the country, there is one more th..

Twitter & Facebook removes Donald Trump's ad campa..

Facebook wasn't flagging any objectionable content from Donald Trump and his supporting pages unt..

Biden raises $81 million funds with the help of hi..

Former Vice President Joe Biden is on a rampage since his win in the South Carolina primary. In t..

Despite easing lockdown another 1.5 million Americ..

The coronavirus pandemic destroyed the economy and led to millions of Americans' job losses due t..

Trump administration decides to rollback LGBTQ pat..

President Trump and his administration are yet again in the news for all the wrong reasons. On Fr..

Trump is going to try to steal this election - Joe..

Former vice president, Joe Biden has intensified the attacks on President Trump after he official..

Former National Security Advisor Colin Powell supp..

Former National Security Advisor and the Secretary of State Colin Powell is backing Joe Biden to ..

80% of Americans think the country is out of contr..

While the country is looming with the coronavirus pandemic, another lousy news awaits for the peo..

Joe Biden wins the Democratic Presidential nominat..

It's official. We are going to witness a fierce battle between the former vice president and the ..

Facebook decides to add labels to media houses af..

Facebook has received a lot of criticism from both insiders and outsiders after President Trump p..

George Bush is unhappy with the shocking failure i..

George Floyd’s horrific killing last week has led to protests and rallies in over 100 cities of..

Biden condemns the horrific killing of George Floy..

With the coronavirus lockdown measures, the United States was rather quiet for some time. All the..

Trump is an absolute fool for not wearing a Mask: ..

After the fight in the polls, President Trump and his opponent Joe Biden have started fighting it..

Biden leads Trump in yet another general election ..

Democratic Presumptive nominee, Joe Biden, again proves his lead in the latest ABC News/ Washingt..

Pete Buttigieg helps Biden to raise $1 Million at ..

Former Vice President and his campaign have been struggling to rake up funds right from the begin..

Senate Republicans trying to delay the Coronavirus..

The United States of America is presently dealing with the worst crisis of all time in history. T..

Joe Biden Pledges to Increase funding for Indian H..

The coronavirus pandemic has taught many lessons for many countries, including the developed firs..

As per the report by Infectious Disease experts, C..

When the coronavirus cases are not subsiding in the United States, a report from infectious disea..

Hillary Clinton helps Joe Biden campaign by raisin..

Former Secretary of the State and 2016 Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton raised $2 ..

Biden holds a 11 point lead over President Trump i..

Coronavirus pandemic in the United States destroyed the economy and lives like there is no tomorr..

President Trump lashes out at Fox News Host on Twi..

After the OBAMAGATE Twitter storm by the President, he has now posted a series of angry messages ..

Health experts alarmed after Trump claims of takin..

President Donald Trump is yet again making headlines for suggesting unproven drug advice as a tre..

Trump Govt Plans to limit Food Stamps!!..

At a time when the coronavirus pandemic destroyed the economy of the United States, leading to a ..

Trump administration starts planning for a Preside..

With the 2020 Presidential elections under six months to go, Trump administration started the for..

Unemployment Rate could surpass 20% -Trump's Econo..

Coronavirus pandemic has destroyed both the economy and the employment opportunities of the Ameri..

President Trump distracts the Americans with Obama..

With a lot of Americans blaming him for the coronavirus outbreak, President Trump is back to his ..

President Trump's approval ratings dip further tra..

Americans are critical against President Trump due to his inability to control the virus spread i..

Stacey Abrams announces her endorsement to Joe Bid..

Former Democratic nominee for Georgia gubernatorial elections, Stacey Abrams, announced her suppo..

Kamala Harris leads the early race to be Biden's r..

Ever since Biden announced that he would choose a lady as his running mate, speculations went vir..

Trump administration hides detailed plan to reopen..

The coronavirus led lockdown in the United States destroyed the economy, wiping off all the gains..

US govt turned down an offer to manufacture millio..

Prestige Ameritech is one of the largest surgical mask manufacturers in the United States. When t..

'They are doing it for Politics' -Trump alleges D..

In yet another instance, President Donald Trump blamed his opponents and fellow Democrats amid th..

Melinda Gates isn't impressed with Trump response ..

On Thursday, Melinda Gates said that the Trump administration didn’t handle the coronavirus pan..

Joe Biden's statement on the latest Unemployment c..

Even after months from the initial reports, the coronavirus outbreak is creating havoc across the..

Trump approaches Supreme Court to end Obamacare co..

President Donald Trump and his administration are trying every possible way to block Obamacare. O..

Donald Trump terms coronavirus as worse attack tha..

President Donald Trump once again blamed China for the coronavirus outbreak, terming it as the wo..

Biden mocks Trump with a new Cry Me A River video!..

Democratic presumptive nominee Joe Biden mocked President Donald Trump with a video posted on his..

Trump says US has flattened the curve but the case..

President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday that the country has already flattened the coronavi..

Migrant kids sues Trump administration for denying..

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the destruction of lives and economy for the people of A..

Trump and Joe Biden have contrasting messages for ..

World Press Freedom Day is celebrated every year on May 3rd, as declared by the United Nations Ge..

Trump targets former President George Bush!!..

President Trump isn’t stopping his criticism even for his own party members. On Sunday, he took..

Trump and Biden fight a fierce battle in Texas sta..

As per the Dallas Morning News/University of Texas poll, both President Trump and former Vice ..

Trump to replace Health & Human Services Inspector..

The White House announced that President Donald Trump wants a new inspector general to serve in t..

Trump blames former President Obama for the corona..

We already know how Trump diverts the accountability on his administration to elsewhere every tim..

US Intelligence agencies warned President Trump a ..

As per the current and former US officials, intelligence agencies warned President Trump in Janua..

Pentagon diverts funds from other projects to comp..

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, when President Trump is being attacked from all the corners for hi..

Over 30 Million Americans filed for Unemployment B..

The telephone lines are jammed at all the unemployment offices of the United States as another 3...

Joe Biden launces VP selection panel!!..

In the past two weeks, former Vice President Joe Biden received a lot of high-profile endorsement..

Trump threatens to sue campaign manager after his ..

Along with the number of positive cases of coronavirus, the criticism for President Trump also ke..

Companies that are close to President Trump receiv..

Coronavirus hit the United States like no other country. The US has a million positive cases and ..

VP Mike Pence defies hospital policy and goes mask..

Vice President Mike Pence also joined the bandwagon along with President Donald Trump is disobeyi..

Stacey Abrams shows her interest in serving as the..

Stacey Abrams, who was the former House of Representatives of Georgia from 2007 to 2017, said tha..

Hillary Clinton Endorses Joe Biden: ‘I Wish He W..

Former First lady and the 2016 Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton announced her support Joe Biden..

Senate Leader Schumer to prevent Trump's sign on r..

Minority Leader of the Senate Chuck Schumer is all set to bring in a provision that will prevent ..

Trump claims there is no shortage for PPE kits but..

On Monday, Trump posted “FAKE NEWS, THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!” from his official Twitt..

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announces her endorseme..

Democrat and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who played a crucial role in President Trump’s imp..

Trump skips press briefing after criticism for his..

President Donald Trump remarks of injecting a disinfectant or sending light into the human body a..

Biden seeks a new stimulus package bigger than pre..

Coronavirus pandemic created havoc in the United States. Currently, the US has close to a million..

Pelosi mocks Trump for his disinfectant claims!!..

President Trump’s remarks of injecting disinfectant attracted a lot of criticism from health ex..

Will recognize 1915 Armenian genocide once elected..

On Friday, former Vice President Joe Biden pledged to recognize the Armenian Genocide if he is el..

President Trump suggests Injecting Disinfectant to..

On Thursday in his White House press briefing, President Donald Trump suggested the use of an inj..

Trump will try his luck to delay the Presidential ..

Former Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday predicted that President Trump would try in all the p..

We were attacked, this is not just a flu_ Presiden..

With no effective ways to bring normalcy in the US where the coronavirus hit more than 866,000 an..

Over 80 Scientists & Climate experts endorse Biden..

Former Vice President Joe Biden is riding on the endorsement bandwagon right from his win in Sout..

Amid pandemic, Trump directs US Navy to destroy I..

Instead of focussing on the public health crisis and ways to reopen the economy, which was destro..

Biden is all in for Michalle Obama to be the VP, i..

Former Vice President Joe Biden said that he would be more than happy to take Michelle Obama to b..

President Trump to suspend immigration into US due..

President Donald Trump, on Tuesday, announced that he would sign an executive order to stop immig..

Joe Biden raises $46.7 million in March for his ca..

Former Vice President Joe Biden has raised a total of $46.7 million in March, although the deadly..

China rejects President Trump's order to allow US ..

Ever since the coronavirus broke out in the country, President Trump was at the receiving end for..

Elizabeth Warren says she would accept the role of..

Former Vice President Joe Biden previously announced that he would select a woman as his running ..

North Korea busts Trump's lies of receiving a 'nic..

After his slow response in handling the coronavirus pandemic, which led to over 750,000 positive ..

Biden's new plan to scale up Employment Insurance...

Coronavirus pandemic is shaking the economies across the world, including the United States. The ..

Top Muslim political group in US, Emgage supports ..

Emgage, a Muslim group that calls itself as the most significant Muslim political action committe..

Biden accuses Trump of throwing _temper tantrums_ ..

The number of cases due to coronavirus is still increasing rapidly in the US. Presently, there ar..

Bill Gates hikes contribution for WHO against Trum..

With their private foundation, Microsoft founder Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates contribute..

Elizabeth Warren and Senator Joe Manchin supports ..

After Bernie Sanders quit the Presidential race, the former Vice President is receiving endorseme..

President Trump's signature to be printed on COVID..

Although the President signed the emergency coronavirus relief package, the actual cheques are ye..

Barack Obama backs Joe Biden for his bid to the Wh..

Former President Barack Obama officially announced his endorsement for his former Vice President ..

Nancy Pelosi lashes out at President Trump for his..

President Donald Trump is receiving all the criticism for the way he handled the coronavirus outb..

Bernie Sanders endorses Joe Biden in a special vid..

Vermont Senator and former Democratic nominee Bernie Sanders made a special video appearance to a..

Joe Biden wins Alaska Primary!!...

Former Vice President Joe Biden is increasing his count of delegates by winning every possible st..

Former UN Ambassador, Haley offers suggestions to ..

Every political enthusiast and administrator are attacking President Donald Trump for his slow re..

First Lady asks Americans to wear masks while Pres..

First Lady of the United States Melania Trump used her official Twitter handle to promote the rec..

Additional 6.6 million Americans filed for unemplo..

Coronavirus pandemic is destroying the economy and public health in over 200 countries. America i..

Biden leads Trump in the latest CNN National Poll!..

With Bernie Sanders quitting the presidential race, former Vice President Joe Biden is the presum..

President Trump reacts to Bernie's campaign suspen..

After a lot of buzz surrounding the presidential primary race, Bernie Sanders announced his withd..

Joe Biden seeks support from Bernie's supporters!!..

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders announced his withdrawal from the Democratic presidential race on ..

Despite daily briefings, Trump's approval ratings ..

Usually, in times of a national crisis, the President gets significant support from the people of..

Biden heaps praise for Bernie Sanders after he qui..

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders on Wednesday announced his decision to quit the presidential race ..

Bernie Sanders suspends his Presidential Campaign!..

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has suspended his 2020 presidential campaign amid the speculations..

Trump and Biden speak over a call about coronaviru..

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden spoke briefly by telephone on Monday a..

Civil Rights Leader John Lewis endorses Joe Biden!..

Civil rights leader John Lewis is the new entrant to the list of American politicians to endorse ..

Biden suggests Trump to reopen Obamacare!!..

Former Vice President and the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden sugg..

Biden's plan to supply essentials to all 50 states..

With President Trump’s slow response in handling the crisis, the coronavirus has now affect..

Trump fired me because of my complaint_ Atkinson..

President Donald Trump ousted the Intelligence community watchdog, Michael Atkinson, a couple of ..

Biden mocks Trump by asking him to _Follow the Sci..

Former Vice President Joe Biden said he would wear a mask in public, drawing a significant contra..

Sanders is hoping for a narrow path to get nominat..

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and his team insist that they still have a narrow path to win the ..

Biden informs Sanders that he is going forward wit..

Former Vice President Joe Biden confirmed that he is going to select a female candidate as his ru..

Trump fires intelligence community watchdog for co..

President Donald Trump was surrounded by impeachment inquiry from December last year to February ..

Trump suggests using a scarf against coronavirus!!..

President Trump has been taking a lot of airtime for his slow response in handling the coronaviru..

Biden requests Trump to lift sanctions on Iran ami..

A total of 1 million people are affected due to coronavirus pandemic worldwide. The virus outbrea..

Biden holds a huge lead over Sanders in Wisconsin..

Wisconsin state primaries are to be held on Tuesday, 7th of April. However, due to the coronaviru..

Wisconsin Democratic Party supports postponing the..

The Presidential primary and other elections in the state of Wisconsin are scheduled to be held t..

Radio icon Mike Francesa blasts President Trump!!..

Every walk of the people is cornering President Trump for his mismanagement in handling the coron..

Andrew Cuomo mature response to Trump's remarks of..

On Monday, speaking to Fox and Friends, President Donald Trump said that the New York Governor An..

Governor Cuomo would be a better candidate than Bi..

President Donald Trump is battling out two critical issues currently, one being the coronavirus p..

Joe Biden's innovative ways of campaign during the..

With the coronavirus pandemic, the entire country has come to a standstill. The virus also put a ..

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi blasts Trump for his sl..

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been critical of President Donald Trump on multiple occasions, inc..

Biden suggests Trump to 'start thinking deeply'!!...

Former Vice President Joe Biden is working round the clock discussing with the local administrato..

It's going to be a very steep road to defeat Biden..

It’s an uphill task for Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders as former Vice President has won the las..

Biden leads Trump by a huge margin in the latest F..

While the world is battling the coronavirus pandemic, there’s some good news for the Americans...

Biden's Plan to Save Economy from Coronavirus Cris..

Congress recently passed the emergency relief fund of $2.2 trillion, and President Trump signed t..

Highlights from Biden's CNN town hall !!..

Former Vice President Joe Biden attended the CNN town hall on the response to coronavirus on Frid..

Biden releases new ad targeting Trump!!..

The coronavirus outbreak has now become a headache for leaders across the world. It started in Ch..

Biden's suggestions for the execution of Corona vi..

To deal with the coronavirus pandemic and struggling economy, President Donald Trump announced a ..

Joe Biden's statement on Record Unemployment Claim..

The United States is one of the worst-hit countries by the coronavirus, along with China and Ital..

Trump administration fails to release unemployment..

Coronavirus pandemic has spread across 190+ countries worldwide. Every country is trying its leve..

Time for Bernie Sanders to make real decision - La..

Former Vice President Joe Biden has been winning every major primary consistently from the beginn..

Biden suggests Trump to act like a Wartime Preside..

Former Vice President Joe Biden blamed President Trump for putting out false information about th..

Hillary Clinton mocks President Trump for his scie..

Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton creatively took a jibe at President Trump ..

President Trump knew about the Virus but he failed..

Coronavirus pandemic is getting out of hands with every passing day. Started in China, the virus ..

Biden to select his VP candidate in the next comin..

Former Vice President Joe Biden announced last week that he would select a female candidate as hi..

Food Workers Union announce their support to Joe B..

United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) union, which consists of over 1.3 million members, anno..

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand endorses Joe Biden!!..

Senator of New York and former 2020 presidential nominee Kirsten Gillibrand announced her support..

Corona Virus effects campaign fundraising of Biden..

Coronavirus pandemic is spreading like wildfire in every country with the USA be no different. On..

Bernie Sanders considering to suspend his campaign..

Ever since Sanders won the first two primaries, he has been on a losing streak with losses at Sou..

Biden wins Washington state primary!!..

Former Vice President is on a roll since the South Carolina primary in early February. Biden has ..

Biden promises for a female VP once he wins the D..

In the long history of the United States, it is astonishing that there has never been a female Pr..

Biden leads in Arizona as per latest polls!!..

Former Vice President Joe Biden is all set to win the Arizona state primary as well beating his s..

Biden offers his plan to deal coronavirus!!..

The coronavirus cases in the United States have crossed over 3000 as of now. However, there hasn&..

Entrepreneur Yang endorses Joe Biden!!..

American entrepreneur and political commentator Andrew Yang announced his support for Joe Biden o..

Biden appoints new Campaign manager!!..

The rumors of a new campaign manager for Biden have been doing rounds for quite some time in the ..

Biden leads in Florida as per the new polls!!..

Ever since Joe Biden vowed to get back on track before the South Carolina primary, his campaign t..

Sally Yates, former acting Attorney General endors..

Sally Yates, who was the former acting attorney general before President Donald Trump fired her j..

President Trump shares a manipulated video of Joe ..

On Saturday, social media director of the White House, Dan Scavino, shared a video of former Vice..

Sanders wouldn't be our Strongest Candidate - Hill..

Former First Lady of the United States and 2016 Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said that Se..

Senator Kamala Harris endorses Joe Biden for Presi..

Senator Kamala Harris, who was in the race till last December, announced her support to former Vi..

Bernie Sanders plots new strategy to foil Biden an..

Bernie Sanders is giving his presidential battle a "reset" as he clashes for the Democratic presi..

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer endorses Joe Bi..

With Michigan state’s Democratic presidential primary scheduled in less than a week, the state..

Biden receives endorsements from over 130 elected ..

Former Vice President Joe Biden is receiving unprecedented support from all corners of the countr..

Billionaire Bloomberg suspends presidential campai..

Mike Bloomberg, former New York mayor who joined the Democratic presidential race very late, anno..

Biden attacks Sanders over his softcorner for gun ..

After winning the first four primaries comfortably, most of the political experts predicted that ..

It's a neck-and-neck battle with Biden and Bernie ..

After losing heavily in South Carolina and Super Tuesday primaries, Vermont Senator Bernie Sander..

Team Biden starts Klobuchar ads in Minneapolis!!..

Senator Amy Klobuchar announced her endorsement to Joe Biden on Tuesday just after Pete Buttigieg..

Biden earns support from Buttigieg, Klobuchar and ..

Former Vice President is on a roll after winning the crucial South Carolina primary with a thumpi..

Biden wins big in South Carolina..

After a dismal performance in the last two primaries, former Vice President Joe Biden is back to ..

Biden criticizes President Trump for calling Coron..

Started in China, coronavirus is spreading rapidly to different countries across the globe. The h..

Senator Tim Kaine endorses Joe Biden !!..

Former Vice President is on a spree getting new endorsements for his nomination from the Democrat..

Joe Biden gets support of major Hollywood fundrais..

Former Vice President Joe Biden is gearing up to give his best shot in the South Carolina primary..

Coronavirus going to disappear in one day just lik..

Health department officials on Friday confirmed that two new cases of coronavirus in the United S..

Obama asks TV stations to take down misleading ads..

Republicans started airing a new ad to target former Vice President Joe Biden to keep him away fr..

Highlights from Tenth Democratic Debate!!..

Tenth Democratic debate to elect the Democratic nominee took place in Gaillard Center at Charlest..

Jim Clyburn all set to endorse Joe Biden before So..

House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, who holds significant influence in his home state of South Carol..

Joe Biden leads the Democratic field in South Caro..

Former Vice President Joe Biden is set to top the Democratic presidential candidates in South Car..

We will come back stronger and will win -Joe Biden..

Former Vice President Joe Biden is confident that his campaign will bounce back and will win even..

American Federation of Teachers asks its members t..

Although there is a slight decrease in the polls for former Vice President Joe Biden, he is still..

Highlights from Ninth Democratic Debate!!..

The top candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination gathered on a debate stage Wednesda..

US attorney general, William Barr considers resig..

United States Attorney General William Barr is miffed with the behavior of President Donald Trump..

Legendary Singer Cher supports Joe Biden for Presi..

For the beginners, Cherilyn Sarkisian, or shortly known as Cher, is a legendary American singer, ..

Biden takes dig at Sanders and Bloomberg speaking ..

Former Vice President Joe Biden is facing resistance in the recently concluded polls of the presi..

Trump campaign manager posted a 2004 Air Force One..

President Donald Trump’s campaign manager Brad Parscale posted a tweet featuring a dramatic..

Biden calls out Sanders to take accountability for..

Former Vice President Joe Biden is well-known for being blunt in his political career. Over the y..

Military may consider disciplinary action against ..

After his acquittal from impeachment charges, President Donald Trump is targeting the impeachment..

Trump budget plans deep cuts to health care effect..

The White House has released the federal budget proposal for 2021 on Monday, and it looks like a ..

Attacks on my family won't stop me -Joe Biden..

Ever since Joe Biden announced that he is running for the Presidential elections, he and his fami..

Facebook and Twitter indicates to not take down Pe..

The video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ripping a copy of Trump's speech during the State of Unio..

Highlights from the Eighth Democratic Debate...

The eighth edition of the Democratic debate took place on 7th February in Saint Anselm College, M..

House Speaker Pelosi and Trump snub each other in ..

The tug of war between the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Donald Trump has been going o..

President Trump fires two impeachment witnesses!!..

President Donald Trump has begun his witchhunt of impeachment witnesses. Before going into detail..

Former Senior Advisor to Obama has been elevated a..

Former Vice President Joe Biden has made some crucial changes to his senior staff after the delay..

John F Kennedy's daughter, Caroline supports Joe B..

Caroline Kennedy is the only surviving and prominent member of the Kennedy family. She served as ..

Despite reporting failures, Biden emerges a clear ..

The Iowa caucuses take place every alternate year, which are the electo..

Joe Biden's Statement on Trump's Expanded Travel B..

President Donald Trump is again in the headlines for his controversial announcement of the expand..

Joe Biden Plans a Counterattack on Trump ahead of ..

The impeachment trial of President Donald Trump began in the United States Senate on January 16th..

Trump is unqualified to deal with coronavirus outb..

A novel strain of coronavirus was reported in Wuhan, China, in December 2019. The pandemic was la..

Joe Biden Campaign Highlights from Eastern Iowa!!..

Former Vice President Joe Biden is picking up momentum with his campaign trail for the 2020 US pr..

Warren Slips, Biden holds steady in the latest nat..

Former Vice President Joe Biden is holding his ground and leads comfortably in the run to 2020 De..

Biden earns endorsement of Congresswoman Cindy Axn..

Former Vice President Joe Biden is getting stronger with every passing day in his run for the pre..

Trump Disrespects US Soldiers' Injuries from Iran..

We all know that US forces attempted a successful operation by killing Iran military leader Qasem..

It’s time we end Citizens United to save our De..

As per the landmark judgment by the United States Supreme Court in 2010, the government has no ri..

Bernie Sanders apologizes to Biden for alleging hi..

Former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bernier Sanders, along with Elizabeth Warren, are pre..

Biden picks up backing from 4 more black lawmakers..

A group of black lawmakers endorsed Joe Biden for president on Tuesday, giving the previous vice ..

I'll Spend all my Money to get rid of Donald Trum..

US Presidential elections will take place in about ten months from now, and the stakes are at an ..

Historic Trump impeachment trial is underway in Se..

President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial opened in the US Senate on Thursday. Trump was voted..

Biden wants to revoke Section 230 of the Communic..

As a part of his campaign trail, Joe Biden is expressing his views on a wide range of issues. Man..

Highlights from Seventh Democratic Debate!!..

CNN hosted the seventh Democratic debate at Drake University in Iowa. This is the seventh Democra..

Parnas says he doesn't think that Joe Biden did an..

Lev Parnas, the indicted associate of the president's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, and a key f..

Where does Joe Biden stand on the issues? ..

Former vice-president Joe Biden has consistently polled at the highest of the 2020 Democratic can..

Democrat Colin Allred extends his support to Joe B..

Former Vice President Joe Biden is slowly emerging as the frontrunner to battle out the President..

Ethiopia's PM Abiy Ahmed responds to Trump's Nobel..

President Donald Trump made headlines with his comments about Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abi..

Biden Top Candidate Among Black Voters..

A recent poll shows former vice president Joe Biden (D) is that the favored candidate among black..

Trump says he deserves Nobel Peace Prize instead o..

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was conferred with Nobel Peace Prize for the year 2019. Abiy ..

US Intelligence Probes If Russia Is Interfering in..

There have been multiple rumors in 2016 about the probable involvement of Russia in helping Donal..

Facebook ad campaign helped Trump to become the Pr..

Ever since Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential elections, there were a lot of speculations tha..

In Iran Speech, Biden Calls Escalating Tension Avo..

Rising pressures among Washington and Tehran are trying whether Joe Biden can exploit his times o..

Biden raises $22.7 million for his campaign in fo..

Fundraising is one of the essential aspects of any Presidential campaign. With the elections just..

Donald Trump Threatens Iran if they attack USA!!..

The killing of Qassem Soleimani, one of the most influential persons in Iran, has escalated the t..

Trump is ‘incredibly dangerous and irresponsible..

Joe Biden lit into President Donald Trump’s tweeting about the chance of retaliating agains..

Joe Biden's Statement on the Killing of Qassem Sol..

The Pentagon on late Thursday announced that the US had carried out attacks near Baghdad airpor..

2019 recorded the Highest Mass Killings in US!!..

Mass shootings in the USA saw an upward trend in the last year. The very first incident took plac..

Biden is open to nominate Barack Obama to the Supr..

Joe Biden and Barack Obama has been the best President-Vice President duo in the history of US po..

Federal Reserve Study Shows Trump's tariffs led to..

President Donald Trump is known for his haywire decision making since he assumed the office in 20..

President Trump is rolling back over 80 Environmen..

Indeed, President Trump isn’t learning even after getting impeached in the House of Representat..

Biden's Plan for Government Reforms!!..

The constitution of America doesn’t begin with the phrase, ‘We the Democrats’ o..

President Trump's former Press Secretary Apologize..

Democratic debates take place as the build-up process to the US Presidential elections. The sixth..

Joe Biden Pledges for Green Economy!!..

Sixth Democratic Debate for 2020 Presidential elections took place on December 19th at Loyola Mar..

Trump Slams Speaker Nancy for delaying the Impeach..

President Donald Trump was impeached last week in the House of Representatives based on two charg..

Democratic debate: Candidates call Trump impeachme..

The leading Democratic presidential candidates joined one another in California for a debate set ..

Here's What Happens To Trump After his Impeachment..

The House of Representatives has impeached President Donald Trump of the Republic Party based on ..

Democratic Debate: Here are the winners and losers..

Democratic presidential confidence sparred during a tense debate the day after Donald Trump was i..

President Donald Trump Is Impeached!!..

It has been a pretty stressful month for Donald Trump. Adding to his vows, the House of Represent..

Joe Biden Is Healthy and Vigorous to Serve as the ..

Former Vice President Joe Biden is 77 years old, and there have been rumors regarding his health ..

Biden's Plan For Securing Values of Immigrates!!..

Joe Biden’s campaign for the 2020 US elections is in full flow. Biden has been working very..

Donald Trump write down to Nancy Pelosi, says stop..

US President Donald Trump during critical letter to accommodate Speaker Nancy Pelosi wanted to ha..

Joe Biden is the only Democrat who is winning agai..

President Donald Trump has a piece of bitter-sweet news to start the week. The good news is, Trum..

President Trump is just 67 votes away to become an..

Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 Presidential elections to Trump even after getting approximately 66..

Joe Biden denies reports on his one term pledge!!..

Former Vice President Joe Biden has denied all the reports which state that he was interested in ..

Trump impeachment: President ‘a clear and Presen..

Top Democrats have urged Republicans to cross party lines and side with them in impeaching their ..

'Not fair That i am Being Impeached': Donald Trump..

US President Donald Trump has said that it is unfair that he was being impeached as he had done n..

Biden continues to dominate among black voters..

Joe Biden continues to hold a wide lead in the Democratic primary among African-Americans, accord..

Greta Thunberg gives it back in style to President..

Greta Thunberg is in the news as she is the Time Magazine person of the year for 2019. For beginn..

Greta Thunberg Should 'Chill', Go To Movies, Says ..

US President Donald Trump on Thursday slammed Time magazine's naming of Greta Thunberg as 201..

Trump impeachment: House prepares for crucial vote..

House Democrats announced this week that they would bring two articles of impeachment against Don..

Trump impeachment news – live: President says wo..

Donald Trump has lashed out at his political competitors in his present-day 2020 campaign rally i..

Joe Biden receives major South Carolina endorsemen..

Columbia, South Carolina – A prominent organization of black ladies activists in South Caro..

House Democrats unveil two articles of impeachment..

House Democrats unveiled two narrowly drawn articles of impeachment against President Trump on Tu..

Impeachment hearing: Live updates from second day ..

The House Judiciary Committee on Monday heard from attorneys for each democrat and Republicans on..

Puerto Rico deserves more respect than trump has g..

In his campaign trail, former Vice President Joe Biden has criticized Donald Trump for not showin..

UN Chief warns on Climate Change!!..

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres requested countries across the world to ..

Nadler says committee vote on impeachment possible..

Speeding toward impeachment, the chairman of the residence Judiciary Committee said Sunday he exp..

Joe Biden: prosecute corporations that prevent wor..

Joe Biden has proposed criminal prosecution of organizations that deprive people in their rights ..

Trump still uses his private cellular telephone in..

President Donald Trump has continued to use his private mobile smartphone to make calls, in spite..

White House Signals Trump Won’t Mount House Impe..

In a sharply worded letter, the White House counsel denounced the impeachment inquiry and called ..

Trump hates the courts, but they could help him co..

President Donald Trump has made his contempt for judges known. However, in relation to his fights..

Supreme Court puts a temporary hold on House subpo..

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Friday placed a transient preserve on house subpoenas requesting P..

Joe Biden says Trump is “ripping the soul of thi..

Former us vice-president Joe Biden, who has been on the trail of the campaign in Iowa this week, ..

Biden Plan to Renew American Infrastructure!!..

Former Vice President, Joe Biden is running for the 2020 presidential elections intending to rebu..

John Kerry endorses Joe Biden in 2020 Democratic n..

John the former secretary of the nation under Barack Obama who won the Democratic presidential no..

Trump turns to ideally suited Supreme court a seco..

Donald Trump has asked the US Supreme Court to block a subpoena seeking the US president’s ..

Pelosi orders Congress to draw up articles of impe..

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she has instructed top Democrats to proceed with drawing up artic..

The Latest Biden Campaign Ad Is A Supercut Of Worl..

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign pounced Wednesday night time after a viral video..

China warns US over Uighur bill..

China warned on Wednesday that US legislation calling for a harder reaction to Beijing’s tr..

A grave rate and a momentous flip inside the Trump..

The stunningly consequential accusation spelled out in the Democrats' impeachment report repr..

Kamala Harris drops out of 2020 presidential race..

The US Presidential elections of 2020 are less than a year from now and there are already many tw..

Joe Biden's Statement on NATO Leaders Meeting in L..

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization or commonly known as NATO is an intergovernmental military..

Joe Biden makes pitch to rural Iowans with 'No Mal..

Joe Biden is nearing the halfway point of an 8-day tour through rural Iowa aimed toward helping h..

Why Black electorate Are Backing Joe Biden in US ..

After Kamala Harris challenged Joe Biden’s past opposition to high school busing in a natio..

Trump administration's new proposal could cause mi..

From the past one year, the Department of Agriculture proposed three changes to the already exist..

The rally around of Joe Biden by Indian voters li..

US voters of Indian-origin and different Asian countries' descent have thrown their weight be..

Trump Administration Decides to Deport People Seek..

With less than a year for the 2020 US elections, any decision by the Trump administration is bein..

Biden remains a top Democratic field, whereas Warr..

Joe Biden has maintained his national lead over fellow 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, c..

The ultimate court docket halted a subpoena for Tr..

President Donald Trump won a brief victory on the preferred court docket this week, whilst a majo..

Highlights from Fifth Democratic Debate!!..

The fifth Democratic Party's Presidential debate was hosted by MSNBC at Tyler Perry Studios i..

President Trump wants Supreme Court to Block Writ ..

President Donald Trump has promised on multiple occasions to release his tax returns but failed e..

Joe Biden Plan for Veterans!!..

Veterans play a crucial role in safeguarding the country from possible attacks. They put their li..

An Honest Letter From Joe Biden Supporter On Clima..

Dear Joe,

This message is about climate change. Last week I talked with a very nice you..

Trump Administration To Allow Discrimination again..

Off late, President Donald Trump has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Be it foreign in..

Smugglers are entering America through Trump's Bor..

President Donald Trump has fought the 2016 election with the promise of building the Border Wall ..

Joe Biden Statement On Democrats Huge Win In Virgi..

Virginia House of Delegates has been ruled by Republicans for 20 years now. After a long, long wa..

The Biden Plan for Strengthening Worker Unions!!..

The working middle class builds America is the one constant thing Joe Biden always believes in. S..

Biden Blasts Trump for calling Russian election in..

Facebook has recently released a statement saying Russian trolls have created a series of account..

Joe Biden Congratulates American Special Forces on..

President of the United States on Sunday announced that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the world’s n..

Russian Trolls are back to Interfere in 2020 US El..

There is nothing wrong with saying that Donald Trump has become the President of the United State..

President Trump Picks his own Hotel to Host 2020 G..

President Donald Trump is on a spree of abusing power bestowed on him. Firstly, he asked foreign ..

Joe Biden launches his line of Merchandise taking ..

The 2020 US election contest is getting interesting with every passing day. Recently, we have see..

President Trump has Lied over 13,000 times while i..

President Donald Trump has recently completed 1000 days in office on Wednesday, October 17th. The..

Highlights from Fourth Democratic Debate!!..

The fourth Democratic Party's Presidential debate was hosted by CNN and The New York Times in Wes..

Trump Cuts Down Legal Immigration by up to 65% ..

President Donald Trump signed a proclamation late Friday evening, which helps in restricting lega..

Biden Launches Trump Rapid Response Fund To Battle..

The US elections are intensifying with every passing day. While Joe Biden is winning people’s h..

Trump Breaks his Promise To Poor Farmers!!..

Donald Trump has tough times ahead of the 2020 elections. With an impeachment order against him, ..

President Trump Requests China to Start Investigat..

While there is already an impeachment order against President Donald Trump, he doesn’t seem to ..

Here's Why President Trump Loves NRA..

Politics in the United States are currently revolving only among three things - Gun Violence, Pre..

Joe Biden's Plan to End Gun Violence..

Gun violence is one of the significant issues America is currently facing. Approximately 40,000 A..

Texas Deputy who wore Sikh Turban was Fatally Shot..

Texas deputy officer, Sandeep Singh Dhaliwal who made national headlines when he was allowed to w..

Exposed: Trump's False Claim on Biden About Ukrain..

The Ukraine deal issue has stormed American politics in the past week. President Trump believes t..

US Witnessed Largest Reduction of Protected Lands ..

While the whole world is discussing climate change and its effects, US President Donald Trump is ..

Opinion An Average American's Insight's on US Poli..

Democrats are offering money to oppose the wealthiest Americans. Large companies that don't pay t..

Call Transcript Between Trump and Ukraine Presiden..

Politics in the United States are at exciting levels. President Trump has been accused of abusing..

Let's Stand With Biden Against Foreign Involvement..

In 2014, the Obama administration, along with Vice President Joe Biden tried to support the new g..

Biden’s work in Ukraine: What we all know and Do..

WASHINGTON — President Trump is attempting to deflect attention from a firestorm of dispute..

Trump Administration Revokes California’s power ..

President Donald Trump on Wednesday put out a series of tweets which says that his administration..

25 years for one of Joe Biden's Greatest Accomplis..

Joe Biden, former Vice President of the United States, has been actively involved in politics for..

Highlights from Third Democratic Debate..

Presidential debates are held to decide the final contestant from both Democratic and Republican ..

President Donald Trump facing issues with his Ment..

The name Donald Trump itself gives an idea about his peculiar behavior and weird decision making...

Climate Change is a threat to Economy, Health, and..

Climate change is one of the significant issues every country across the world is currently deali..

Trump fires National Security Advisor Bolton. Is t..

Trump fires National Security Advisor Bolton. Is this the beginning of _Trump Alone_ Era


$3.6 Billion In Military Construction Funds Divert..

The Trump wall is the name given to the proposed expansion of the United States-Mexico border dur..

Donald Trump is Spreading Cancer to this Amazing C..

It is a universal truth that a country’s progress or regress depends on the democratically elec..

President Donald Trump's New Target is Children of..

Donald Trump is known for making some bizarre and outrageous decisions now and then since he took..

Biden needs your support for #StudentsForBiden cam..

Former Vice President, Joe Biden is on a campaign spree for the upcoming 2020 US Presidential ele..

Trump and his illogical decisions over the past we..

We are witnessing an exciting and a bit dramatic phase of the US 2020 elections. If we go by the ..

Joe Biden's new TV ad highlights his Personal Jour..

With just over a year, the race for 2020 Presidential elections is heating up. As many as 25 nomi..

Joe Biden Plan for Rural America..

Rural areas are the places where the country’s wealth is present. Just like corporate companies..

Joe Biden’s Plan for Older Americans..

A dignified retirement with all the facilities available at an affordable cost is what makes a co..

Here's how USA and its Trade War Relations are Ind..

Foreign relations are always crucial for any country in the world. A mutual understanding between..

Joe Biden Cements The Top Spot of Democratic Race..

The build-up for the 2020 US elections is underway in America. While Donald Trump is set to run f..

Joe Biden’s Foreign Policy for The United States..

Foreign policy is one of the critical policies any country in the world should focus on; America ..

Let’s Stand with Joe Biden against the NRA..

Gun violence is a terrible thing in any part of the world. Especially if it often happens in a fi..

Joe Biden condemns the El Paso Shootings!!..

The United States has seen unprecedented mass shootings in the last two days. The first shooting ..

Joe Biden’s Criminal justice policy..

Violence has been totally out of order in America since Donald Trump assumed the office in 2017. ..

Did Russian Govt Help Donald Trump to become the P..

US Presidential elections are the most prestigious political event across the world. Every countr..

Joe Biden's Health Care Policy ..

The United States of America has always lacked a significant afforda..

Joe Biden's Pledge To Protect Democracy!!..

The 2016 US Presidential elections have seen many reports about the involvement of foreign govern..

The Journey of How Joe Biden Became Millionaire is..

Joe Biden, the 47th Vice President of the United States, is presently the most popular name in th..

Joe Biden's Clean Climate Policy-Part 2..

Let’s discuss Biden’s Climate Policy in detail :

Joe Biden has been working on the ..

Joe Biden's Clean Climate Policy-Part 1..

Joe Biden, the 47th Vice President of the United States, is now contesting for the 2020 US Presid..

Women's Soccer Team Shocks Donald Trump By Winning..

The United Nations women’s national soccer team or termed as USWNT is one of the most succe..

Terrible things America witnessed under Donald J.T..

1. Immigration  
“ America was not build on fear”. These..

Joe Biden’s Education Policy Explained..

Biden who worked as the senator of Delaware for over 40 years has announced his candidacy for the..

Joe Biden has raised whopping $21.5 million in ju..

The race for the 2020 US Presidential Elections is getting exciting day by day. More than 15 cand..

Joe Biden Policies for the United States of Americ..

Joe Biden, the 47th Vice President of the United States has announced in April that he will be ru..

Republican Party and Their History..

If you look into the past, American politics have always been dominated by two political parties ..

Dr Dhillon thinks "Harris is of no match to Biden ..

2020 US elections are considered to be the most effective elections in the history of America. It..

Anything is Possible in America..

This country wasn’t built by Wall Street bankers and CEOs and hedge fund managers. It was built by..