Obama brings John Lewis & Martin Luther King to appeal voters in Atlanta!!

Former President Barack Obama is using all his experience to help his friend and his running-mate Joe Biden for his race to the White House. For the past few weeks, Obama has traveled to multiple places explaining the advantages of choosing a Democrat over the businessman-turned-politician President Donald Trump. On Monday, just a day before Election Day, the former President made a substantial effort to convince the disaffected Black voters in Atlanta by using the local civil rights icons. It's a great idea by Obama to bring in civil rights icons as the country witnessed racial protests in the summer after the killing of Black Americans in police custody.

"Maybe you don't like who's in the White House right now. But you just lost faith in the government, you're frustrated, you don't think the government makes a difference," Obama told the supporters during his Georgia rally, addressing those who are yet to decide their voting preference in this year's election. Obama also mentioned that he had experienced his fair share of disappointment in politics both during and after his eight years in the White House as the President. Obama invoked local civil rights icons like the late Rep. John Lewis and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., explaining that both of them understood that activism in the streets needed for incremental progress. He said -" If we are gonna translate our aspirations into laws and practices, we have to engage in both." Obama's rally comes at a crucial point as Democrats are trying their best to convince Black American's in Tuesday's election.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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