Joe Biden Plan for Rural America

Rural areas are the places where the country’s wealth is present. Just like corporate companies present in urban areas and cities which contribute to a country’s economy, rural areas also contribute by feeding the people. Rural America is home to approximately 20% of the Americans. They are the people who feed and fuel the rest of America. Rural places also provide a great atmosphere to spend time with family members and relax. However, recently, many rural Americans are shifting their base to urban areas because of the lack of opportunities. Parents of rural America have nothing to do other than watching their kids and grandkids leave rural communities to search for a chance. This has to be changed; rural Americans need to have their opportunities created at home itself.

Joe Biden has already pledged to rebuild the middle class once he becomes the President of the United States. He vows to help the middle class irrespective of race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, zip code, etc. Biden also strongly believes that opportunities should not be dependent on which area you are present. It should be available for everyone in every place. Joe Biden will pursue an agricultural economic development policy that helps the rural Americans to invest in their unique assets. He wants to make sure young people of rural America should have various options to work and raise their next generation in rural America.

Here are the other proposals by Joe Biden for Rural America:

1. Revitalize Rural Economy fundamentally.

2. Strength the Agricultural sector by the below methods:

Following a trade policy that best works for American farmers. Supporting beginning farmers with loans. Encourage the development of regional food systems. Investing more in land grant universities agricultural research so that the public can own patents but not the private companies. Partnering with farmers to achieve net-zero emissions for the first time in agriculture across the world.

3. Increase the use of ethanol and the next generation of biofuels.

4. Invest in renewable sources like wind and solar energy.

5. Build and invest in rural broadband infrastructure.

6. To have a partnership with rural communities and help they have full access to Federal resources.

7. Provide Affordable Care Act to all rural communities.

8. Flexibility for rural hospitals to provide care for patients at any time.

9. Providing adequate funds to rural hospitals so that they can be run smoothly.

10. Increasing the funds for community health centers.

11. Building new health clinics and advancements like telehealth in Rural America.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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