President Trump's approval ratings dip further trailing Biden by 8 points!!

Americans are critical against President Trump due to his inability to control the virus spread in the United States. As the number of positive cases and the death toll is increasing every day, Trump’s approval ratings are dipping correspondingly. Presently, the US reported over 1.4 million positive cases, along with 83,000 deaths, the highest cases, and deaths in any country across the world. As per the latest opinion poll by Reuters/Ipsos, President Trump is trailing former Vice President Joe Biden by eight percentage points among the registered voter category.

The poll had some interesting statistics. 41% of the US adults backed Trump for his performance in the Oval Office, including the way he handled the coronavirus crisis, which is four percentage points decrease from a similar poll in April. On the other hand, more than half, i.e., 56% of the registered voters, aren’t happy with his performance. This is an increase of 5 percentage points from the previous month. In a face with Joe Biden, Trump was voted by only 38% of voters. While 46% of the registered voters showed their support to Joe Biden to become the next President of the United States. That’s an 8% percentage points lead for Biden compared to 2 point lead secured in the same poll conducted last week. Trump on multiple occasions In the initial states, Trump downplayed the threat of the virus and didn’t take immediate measures to control the spread. The result was devastating, as it led to the worst crisis in American history both in terms of life and economy.

The pandemic is also a threat to Trump, as he dreams of his reelection. Trump was leading all major polls before the pandemic struck the US. His approval ratings constantly dropped over the past two months. Interestingly, Trump is the only President to have a dip in their approval ratings amid a crisis in the country. The Reuters/Ipsos poll gives an idea of how the public vote is split based on the response to the coronavirus crisis. A total of 1112 American adults with 973 registered voters took part in this poll, and it has an error percentage of plus or minus four percentage points.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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