President Trump distracts the Americans with Obamagate !

With a lot of Americans blaming him for the coronavirus outbreak, President Trump is back to his favorite tactic of ‘distraction.’ Over the years, Trump is known for diverting the blame and responsibilities from him to another third party whenever he was subjected to criticism. Now Trump is trying to save his sinking presidency campaign with another distraction about his predecessor, Barack Obama. Over the past couple of days, Trump posted hundreds of tweets accusing former President Barack Obama that he has organized a plot to damage the resources for the incoming President. “He got caught, OBAMAGATE!” was the first tweet by Trump on Sunday, which continued for the next few days.

A total of 126 tweets and retweets were done by President Trump on Obama from his Twitter handle, making it the second-highest number of tweets posted in a single day. The highest number of tweets posted by Trump in a single day was 140, and it was during his impeachment process. Soon Obamagate was the top trend on Twitter, and it continued for several hours with the support of Republicans and their aides. According to Trump’s allies, Obama helped to entrap Michael Flynn, who was Trump’s former national security adviser. Flynn pleaded for guilty in 2017 lying to the FBI. However, the Justice Department dropped the case of Flynn last week. Trump has built his political career on the grounds of the anti-Obama narrative. Trump attacked his predecessor Obama ever since he took an active part in US politics. He is known for making some of the absolutely baseless claims - Obama is not a citizen of America, Obama tapped my phones, Obama transported planeloads of money to Iran, Obama emptied the strategic national stockpile were some of them.

The template has been the same for Trump over the years. He used to use these false stories to distract the audience’s pulse every time he was under the radar. Obamagate issue is also a similar attempt to attack both Barack Obama and his opponent for 2020 elections Joe Biden. The Obamagate allegations might also hurt Biden’s campaign, as he was the Vice President in Obama’s administration for eight long years. Some political enthusiasts even claimed that this campaign could eventually help Joe Biden. Matt Lewis, who works as a conservative columnist at the Daily Beast and considered to be critical of Trump, called his strategy to be insane. He further added - “If the story creates a new controversy in America then Biden’s campaign team can probably use it to run ads saying - ‘Vote for Biden, else Trump will prosecute President Obama for no wrongdoing.’”

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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