Texas Deputy who wore Sikh Turban was Fatally Shot Down. It's high time we regulate Gun Violence!!

Texas deputy officer, Sandeep Singh Dhaliwal who made national headlines when he was allowed to wear a Sikh turban and grow a beard on the job was shot fatally in an ambush-style attack. Sandeep Singh was allowed to follow Sikh faith while performing his roles and responsibilities as a Texas deputy. Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said that there is no clear evidence of the shooting, but it took place at around 1 pm on Friday and was a hate crime. The sheriff continued, “Dhaliwal who was 41, was immediately taken to a hospital in a helicopter and he succumbed before getting the aid. The preliminary information reveals, the male suspect shot from behind and exited the vehicle with an armed pistol after the cold-blooded murder.”

NBC News reported that the suspect fled to a nearby shopping mall and hid in the store till the time he was taken into custody. A woman was also detained in the same vehicle. The sheriff’s office tweeted that they have captured Robert Solis as the arrest of suspects in connection with the shooting. Dhaliwal became popular for his efforts in going to Puerto Rico after the island was devastated by Hurricane in 2017. He leaves behind his family of three children, a wife, and a brother. Democratic Presidential nominee and the former Vice President Joe Biden has expressed his grief on the same. This incident is one of the many events of hate crime and gun violence that took place in the recent past in the United States. While President Trump is quiet on the issue, Americans are losing their loved ones due to the epidemic of gun violence. We can’t continue this. We need a leader who can beat the National Rifles Association and end the gun violence in our great country.

Joe Biden has been vocal about gun violence from the beginning of his campaign. He has a specific set of plans and ideas to end the violence and save the country from the epidemic. It is time for us to support a politician who cares for the people of America, and it has to be Joe Biden.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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