Trump administration hides detailed plan to reopen the economy by CDC!!

The coronavirus led lockdown in the United States destroyed the economy, wiping off all the gains from the last decade. More than 33 million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits over the previous two months. Citing the upcoming dangers of the economy, President Trump and his administration took a firm stand to reopen the economy, but the Democrats opposed their idea as there was no concrete plan to reopen the economy. Keeping in view the ongoing pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) team released a document with a detailed step-by-step guide for all the local authorities on how, when, and where to reopen restaurants and other public eatery places. However, Trump administration shelved the document from the CDC, causing a potential threat to the lives of Americans.

The CDC came up with a 17-page report titled ‘Guidance for Implementing the Opening Up America Again Framework,’ which was researched with the help of business owners, educators, leaders, administrators, state and local officials. According to a CDC official who agreed to speak on the condition on anonymity, the report was supposed to be published last Friday itself, but the agency scientists were informed that the Trump administration would never release the guidance report. Traditionally over the years, it was CDC’s role to provide science-based guidance to public and local officials during any public health crisis in the US. However, the regular process changed with the Trump administration, who are now solely responsible for the release of guidance information. With President Trump having a freehand in the daily press briefings, the science-based guidance has taken a back seat amid the coronavirus pandemic. On multiple occasions, Trump provided precautionary measures like usage of hydroxychloroquine or disinfectants with led to an uproar in the country while some people are actually trying it.

The last time CDC had a press briefing regarding the coronavirus was over two months ago. CDC Direct Dr. Rober Redfield is one of the members of the White House task force working to control the coronavirus spread, but he was absent for most of the White House press briefings that take place every day. Former Vice President Joe Biden criticized Trump for downplaying the virus threat and ignoring the science experts. He posted, “Trump has mismanaged the pandemic. I promise you, I will do the opposite,” from his official Twitter handle. Here’s the tweet from Joe Biden:

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