Trump and his illogical decisions over the past week

We are witnessing an exciting and a bit dramatic phase of the US 2020 elections. If we go by the last week, there has been a sharp contrast between Trump and Biden in their respective run. While Biden was seen focusing on healthcare, through Affordable Care Act, higher education policies, Trump took to actions - some typical and some significant, which may have troublesome repercussions.

1. Making false claims:

With an average of 7.7 per day since July 8, as per the CNN counting, Trump made 48 false claims in six days about economy, trade and china in particular. From his accomplishments and no inflation, to representing his hospital visits in El Paso and trade war, it seems that the addition to them will be continued. Well, there is no doubt that Trump has his eyes all set for the next term, but the rate at which the false claims are being made is somewhat concerning.

2. Reinviting Russia over the G7 summit:

There was a visible conflict with other leaders over Trump’s decision to bring back Russia into the G7. While other leaders were discussing about iran and Amazon, Trump’s inclination was more towards Putin. It is notable that Russia was expelled from the group, during Obama’s term, for its invasion into Ukraine. Such actions by Trump will surely be met by disappointment and worry among the allies along with destroying one of the America’s important achievements.

3. The unending wall affair:

It seems that Trump is in a desperate attempt to carve a success story to amass the support before the elections. Recently, he told his aides to seize the land on the Mexican frontier, if needed, to get the task fulfilled. Although according to some officials, the President was just joking, but the instances of offering pardon are not unknown. When the promise was made to complete 500 miles of wall at the Mexican border within his first term and the construction has been 60 miles, aren’t such statements bound to come off?

4. Rolling back pollution regulations:

The latest proposal, which aims at curbing the standards to regulate methane, will result into the dumping of 1.2m tons of methane in 2025 which will eventually warm the planet to an extent equal to the pollution by 22m cars. The rule changes dismiss the climate change.

Amid all this, there is a possibility of recession and economic downturn due to the President’s escalating trade wars. Ignoring the warnings from the economists has resulted in an uncertainty in global market. Republican strategists have reported that if the trade war continues Trump’s way to victory will be challenging.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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