Here's how USA and its Trade War Relations are Indirectly helping China

Foreign relations are always crucial for any country in the world. A mutual understanding between the nations will help in trade imports and exports, which will benefit the economy. The Chinese government has taken significant steps to boost up their economy. Their new development strategy Belt and Road Initiative is aimed at investments from the Chinese government in 152 countries. The investments are spread across Asia to America, along with Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. Belt refers to overland routes of road and rail transports whereas Belt refers to sea routes. The program is also known as One Road One Belt (OBOR). Morgan Stanley has estimated that China is going to spend an approximate amount of over $1.2 Trillion by 2027. Some of the projects are Railway line to London and Iran, Gwadar Port, Asian gas pipeline, Khorgos Gateway.

With this project, China takes a considerable jump in their economy. Additionally, it will become the supreme power of Asia when compared to the likes of India, Japan, and oceanic countries like Australia. On the one hand, India is only able to invest a small part of what China is investing, and Japan hasn't shown any signs of global investments. On the other hand, Australia doesn't have enough economy to make any investments. This leaves China as a great power in investments. Apart from the above reasons, the USA's policies seem to strengthen Chinese investments. The way America is engaging with Iran and trying to start a war for no reason, isolating other countries with trade issues all these adds up to China's benefit. Nations should not be overly dependent on China, as it may lead to many problems. The need of the hour is US, India, and Japan join hands with each other and stand up against China's investments so that we have a viable alternative. To do this, we as the voters of America should come together and voter for Joe Biden. Only a person like Joe Biden, who has over 40 years experience in politics can help us in taking the necessary measures against China.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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