US voters prefer Biden over Trump on most major issues as per the latest poll!!

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is in a solid position against his opponent and the incumbent president Donald Trump. He holds an excellent 9-point lead over Trump amid the possible second wave in the country, according to a national poll conducted by the New York Times and Siena College among likely voters. With less than two weeks for Election Day, Donald Trump has a lot to ponder on his campaign as he trails Biden in most important issues of the country. On the other hand, the former vice president, Joe Biden, continuously consolidates his lead, giving the incumbent no chance to make a comeback. This leaves Trump a little room for recovery, and chances of his reelection are gradually eroding.

Trump’s miseries are so worse that he lost his long-standing support of most voters on economic issues. Presently, voters are evenly split on whom to trust more in recovering the economy. In leading the coronavirus pandemic, Biden is the most preferred candidate by the voters and leads Trump by 12 points. Voters also showed their trust in the former vice president over Trump in choosing the Supreme court justices, and to maintain law and order, Biden holds a lead of 6-points. When it comes to uniting the country, Americans believe that Biden is more capable than Trump by 20 points. In total, Biden has the support of 50% of the likely voters compared to Trump’s 41%, and 3% are divided among other party candidates.

Although Trump and his campaign tried to tarnish Biden’s personal reputation among the voters, fifty-three percent of the voters viewed Biden as a favorable candidate to lead the nation compared to just 43% for Trump. Most voters saw Trump as an unfavorable candidate. Forty-eight percent of the voters viewed him as unfavorable. Michael Zemaitis, one of the independent voters in Minnesota, said that although he didn’t have complete confidence in Biden but he is clearly in a superior position and is a great option other than Trump when it comes to handling the pandemic and the economy. “I guess I have 70% confidence in Biden,” says Michael, who believes that a Democratic administration in the White House could have handled the pandemic in a better way. “Once the pandemic is dealt successfully, the economy will bounce back into line,” claims Michael Zemaitis. The poll was conducted from October 15th to 18th, with a sampling error of 3.4 percentage points.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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