Dr. Anthony Fauci expresses his displeasure on his inclusion in Trump's ad!!

For the past couple of months, Trump and his campaign aren't doing really well compared to his counterpart Joe Biden. Polls and ratings of Trump are falling consistently due to his inability to control the spread of coronavirus in the country. After trying hard to regain support with his ads, Trump's campaign now added a cameo of Anthony Fauci, the nation's top doctor, and heads the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Although Trump doesn't have a healthy relationship with Fauci, his campaign wants to use the top doctor's popularity among specific categories of voters to boost his failing campaign. The 30-second ad titled "Carefully" has been airing in Michigan and revolves around Trump's story of recovering from coronavirus, equating it with the opening of businesses in America.

The ad starts with the narrator saying - "President Trump is recovering from the coronavirus, and so is America," depicting that the US has overcome the pandemic. But in reality, the United States is the most affected country with 7 million positive coronavirus cases and more than 200 thousand deaths. Strangely, the ad features Trump with the face mask, which is a rare sight in general. The narrator continues, "President Trump tackled the virus head-on as leaders should," followed by Fauci's comments, "I can't imagine… that anybody could be doing more." Fauci's statement was lifted from his interview with Fox News regarding the scale of the federal government's mobilization. The ad spins it as a complement for President Donald Trump. It ends on a positive note - "We'll get through this together. We will live carefully. But not afraid," stressing on Trump's suggestion to not worry about the virus.

Dr. Anthony Fauci wasn't happy with his inclusion in Trump's campaign. In a statement to CNN and NBC News, Fauci said - "In my five decades of public service, I've never endorsed any political candidate publicly, nor do I endorse them now. The comments linked to me without my approval in the Republican campaign ad were taken out of context from one of my broader statements, which I made a few months ago complimenting the efforts by the public health officials." Trump's campaign communications director, Tim Murtaugh, posted a tweet after getting backlash from Dr. Fauci and his supporters. "Dr. Fauci has repeatedly said that the Trump administration did everything possible to save lives." From the past few months, Trump and his team have been selective about Dr. Fauci's comments. They shared positive comments and wholly ignored the warnings from the top doctor.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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