Trump's coronavirus approval ratings hit all time low as per the latest polls!!

President Donald Trump's ratings have been on a constant downfall since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Over the past few months, he embarrassed himself multiple times by suggesting unwarranted ideas to stop the spread of the virus. Starting with the hype of hydroxychloroquine to ignoring the CDC's mask warnings, Trump has been at the forefront of differing with the medical experts in his own administration. Along with the pandemic, he was also responsible for making loose comments like "will deploy the army to clear the streets" when Americans protested against the racial discriminations of George Floyd, who was killed in police custody.

Keeping all his moves into consideration, Trump's approval ratings for the way he handled the coronavirus crisis has hit an all-time low since the start of the virus in January. As per the same survey, a substantial majority of the Americans also disapproved of his response when widespread racial protests broke out across the country. A poll by ABC News/Ipsos poll released on Friday states that a mammoth 67 percent of the voters disapproved of how President Trump and his administration handled the pandemic. Only half of them, i.e., 33 percent of the Americans, approved his response to deal with the crisis. This rating for the President is an all-time low for him since the ABC news and Ipsos started polling on the pandemic issue from March 2020. The shrinkage of his approval ratings comes when there is a surge of positive coronavirus cases across West and South parts of the country, delaying the reopening plans of the affected states.

Interestingly, the same percentage of the voters also disapproved of how he handled the racial unrest across the country following the killing of the black American in police custody. Only 32 percent of the remaining voters were fine with the way Trump handled the racial protests. Despite the significant drop in his approval ratings, Trump continues his false claims about the virus spread. During his interview with Fox News last week, Trump claimed that "at some point, the contagious disease is going to sort of just disappear." During his address at the White House marking Independence Day celebrations, he asserted that "99 percent" of the positive coronavirus cases are "totally harmless."

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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