US attorney general, William Barr considers resignation over Trump's tweets!!

United States Attorney General William Barr is miffed with the behavior of President Donald Trump. Several outlets report that Barr told people close to him that he might consider quitting his post as President Trump ignored his warning regarding the social media posts about Justice Department cases. The disclosure about Barr’s decision came late on Tuesday, which is just a few days after he took a public lash out at the President. Speaking in a television interview regarding Trump’s tweets about the Justice Department cases, Barr said Trump made it “impossible” for him to do his job.

However, Trump didn’t give any attention to Barr’s public lash out about him. The next day, Trump insisted that he had all the legal rights to get involved in criminal cases and sidestep the Justice Department’s historical independence. William Barr is known for being the closest allies of the President in the administration, and he has also been the staunch defender of all the policy decisions by Trump. With Barr’s decision, it is clear that he sees the Justice Department as an institution that is independent of making decisions on criminal cases unbiased and unmoved by any political interference. However, it is unclear how seriously Barr is considering his resignation or is it just a ploy to pressurize Trump from noting posting any provocative tweets about the Justice Department.

Barr’s public comments were during the interview with ABC News after his department reversed the decision of its own prosecutors in a court filing that announced seven to nine years of prison. Department surprisingly lowered the amount of prison time. The overruling of the decision came after Trump blasted the original verdict as “very horrible and unfair.” Speaking to reporters, Trump told that he understood his tweets were making Barr’s job look harder, but he didn’t show any signs of relentlessness. He further added - “ I’ve total confidence in my attorney general, but everybody has the right to speak their mind.” This might also be one of the reasons for Barr to speak out publicly. Serving his second term as attorney general, Barr always wanted to see himself as an independent leader who will never succumb to any political pressure.

Democrats have hated Barr from the beginning and have repeatedly accused him of acting more like President Trump’s personal lawyer than that of attorney general for the country. Some of the Democrats also called for his resignation. However, Barr’s spokeswoman said, “he has no plans to resign as of now” on late Tuesday night. We will have to wait a little longer to know what exactly is going to be the future of the attorney general.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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