Sanders is hoping for a narrow path to get nomination!!

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and his team insist that they still have a narrow path to win the nomination as the Democratic presidential candidate. However, the ground reality tells a different story altogether. Joe Biden defeated Bernie Sanders in almost all the state primaries in the last two months, which include Florida, Illinois, and Arizona. Sanders didn’t merely lose, but he trailed Biden by double digits in every national survey. Bernie Sanders had high hopes on Wisconsin state primary as he won the state in 2016 against Hillary Clinton, but the voting has been postponed due to coronavirus outbreak.

Wisconsin state primary is the last major race on the presidential calendar in the past few weeks. In a discussion hosted by Whoopi Goldberg on her show ‘The View,’ Sanders was grilled to explain the process in which he could capture the Democratic nomination. Sanders didn’t straight away explain the process; instead, he argued that “in a democracy, people will have a right to vote and have a right for the agenda they think that can work for America, especially in difficult moments like these.” Both his campaign manager, Faiz Shakir, and senior adviser, Jeff Weaver, declined to answer any questions from Politico on the same issue. While the road for him looks complicated, but it isn’t mathematically impossible for him to win. If Bernie can earn more than 60 percent of the remaining delegates, then he holds a chance to win the nomination as well. Interestingly, Sanders has won 60 percent or more in only two states this year, Nevada and his home state of Vermont.

Another possible reason for his fight, which is being whispered in the political circles, is about an epic Biden collapse. Larry Cohen, chairman of the Sanders-founded group Our Revolution, said - “Sanders knows that he has a mathematical path if everything goes well and he starts winning the remaining primaries. He has high chances to win as the remaining primaries are the same states where he won in 2016.” Speaking to MSNBC on Friday, Sanders hinted at an alternate ideology for staying in the race - “the key goal is to win obviously, but the other goal is to be able to continue to fight and allow the people to participate in the political process and make them stand up for the views that they believe in.”

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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