Bernie's student army signals to support Joe Biden!!

While Bernie Sanders was still in the race for the Democratic primary, a flurry of students for Bernie college organizations made it clear that they are not going to vote for Biden at any cost. They planned to sit out of the election or to vote for the third party of the US if Bernie Sanders doesn't win the Democratic nomination. However, Trump's response in handling the coronavirus pandemic and his threats to implement strict law and order rules following the nationwide racial protests have made them rethink their decision. Presently, the students are in a strong belief that Trump will crack down their constitutional right of free speech.

With the current scenario, they are left with no choice but to start living with Biden and to support him going forward. "With the past few weeks, it's pretty evident that Trump is all in to crack down free speech across the country. So, I'm left with no other option but to lean more towards Biden now," said Harry Feldman, a Georgia Tech senior who also co-chairs the Young Democratic Socialists of America school. Amid the racial protests after the killing of George Floyd in police custody, Donald Trump threatened to control the mobs with military force. The co-director of the left-wing University of Pennsylvania Amira Chowdhury claimed that she would never endorse Biden for president in late March. However, she is now considering supporting presumptive Democratic nominee and attributes the change because he failed in leadership, bigotry, and racism in the past few weeks. "With a heavy heart, great anger and frustration towards the Democratic party, I'll vote for Biden instead of a third party," said Amria.

Biden's campaign has lacked the support of young voters from the beginning. With Bernie Sanders being out of the race, this is the best time for the former vice president to win the trust of the student army, which supported his colleague Bernie Sanders. Joe Biden can amplify his poll ratings once he completely gets the support of the students.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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