Biden heaps praise for Bernie Sanders after he quit the presidential race!!

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders on Wednesday announced his decision to quit the presidential race after a series of losses to former Vice President Joe Biden. Speaking in a live stream, Sanders said - “If I believed that there’s any remote chance for the nomination, I’d have continued it, but there’s no option.” Bernie’s decision was a surprise in the political spectrum of the United States as he stated he would continue until the very end of the nomination just a couple of weeks back. As soon as the decision was made, former Vice President Joe Biden released a statement praising Bernie for his stellar presidential campaign.

Here’s the statement from Joe Biden:

“Bernie has put his heart & soul not only into the campaign but also for the causes & issues he wanted to solve the whole of his life. As a friend, I know how hard a decision this is for him to make and how hard it is for the millions of his supports, especially the younger voters, who have been inspired and joined the politics based on the progressive agenda he championed. Bernie has done something unique and rare in US politics. He hasn’t just run for the presidential campaign, but he has created a movement for us all to follow. As a fellow Democrat, I believe it is a movement that is as powerful today as it was yesterday.

Sanders and his supporters changed the political dialogue in America by bringing the issues into the limelight, which were given very little attention previously. Issues like income inequality, universal health care, free college, climate change, clearing debts of student loans, etc. are now at the center of the political debate. While Bernie and I may not agree on how the process we might work to get them achieved, we always agree on the final goal to fix the issues. More than any of the above issues, I want to appreciate and commend Bernie for being a powerful voice for the betterment of America. It’s the voices like him that let us refuse to allow any discrimination in our country. Bernie should get a lot of credit for his passionate advocacy for the issues he cares about and works about.”

Here’s the tweet from Joe Biden’s official Twitter handle:

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