Pro-Bernie group launches digital campaign to support Joe Biden!!

One of the left-wing groups which opposed Biden during the democratic primaries is now launching a six-figure digital campaign to target progressive voters in the key battleground states to vote for the former Vice President. The group which supported Bernie Sanders in the primaries is now persuading the supporters to cast a ballot for the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. As per the POLITICO, hired Biden's most prominent critics within the Democratic party to tell their reasons for voting him despite many disagreements.

The co-founders of, Norman Solomon and Jeff Cohen said - "Our organization fought the primary battle fiercely for Bernie Sanders against Joe Biden. But this general election is not about Biden, it's all about Trump, who is the most dangerous president in the history of the United States. He is a president who opposes every policy and law that progressives like us are fighting for." The group has signed a "#VoteTrumpOut" campaign supported by some of the big names like leftist professor Noam Chomsky, longtime Sanders aid RoseAnn DeMoro, ex-Sanders adviser Winnie Wong, former Sanders surrogate Linda Sarsour, Rep. Ro Khanna, and several others. Their official video was released on the Vimeo portal, where Chomsky paints a picture of the world that is under threat due to imminent climate disaster and President Trump.

The video starts with the text - "A message to the Swing States, from Noam Chomsky," followed by the voice message, "another four years of Trump may literally lead us to the stage where the survival of organized human society is deeply imperiled." As a part of their efforts, the group includes a micro-targeted social media campaign featuring high profile voices from the left-wing supporters. One of the co-founders Norman Solomon said - "In persuading voters who dislike Biden's past record to vote Biden in swing states, we've learned that it works well to designate Biden as a far better opponent to fight for the White House than the immovable Trump," referring to the statistics of his group's testing of Facebook audiences. He further added that they would spend several hundred thousand dollars to help Biden. They have also hired full-time organizers to fight the swing states of Michigan, Arizona, and Wisconsin.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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