Biden to release the potential SCOTUS list of Black women!!

Former Vice President Joe Biden recently made his first public appearance in months after the lockdown measures were implemented across the country to reduce coronavirus spread. On Tuesday, he announced that he would release the list of Black women who are the potential Supreme Court candidates just ahead of the general elections in November. After his public appearance speech in Wilmington Delaware, Biden told reporters - "My campaign team is putting together a list of African American women who are eligible and qualified with certain experience to be on the top court." His rest of the speech was focused on targeting President Donald Trump and his administration's response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier in his campaign, the Democratic presumptive nominee has pledged to select a woman as his running mate and nominate the first Black woman to the country's top court if he wins the election against President Donald Trump in November. Since his pledge, political activists from different parts of the United States asked Biden to release probable candidates list who can lead the Supreme Court. President Donald Trump also followed the similar tactic of releasing the nominee list to gain conservative support during his first bid for the White House in 2016. The former vice president's current remarks are an acknowledgment for his promise of selecting a woman of color for the Supreme Court and a woman as the vice-presidential candidate. If Biden wins the election in November, the United States will have its first lady Vice President in over a hundred years.

Biden further added that there are many women of color for his running mate role, including Hispanic women and those of Asian heritage. However, the list isn't finalized yet, and Biden will not be releasing the names of all the candidates. "My team is currently working hard on the VP nominees going with the deep background checks, which can take another six to eight weeks. Respective committees have already been formed, and the work is in progress," Biden explained about his VP selection procedure. "I can't guarantee the selection by August 1, but it will probably be in early August just before the National Convention," he further added. Democratic National Convention is scheduled to take place from August 17 to 20th in Milwaukee.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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