Millennials want Biden to pick Black woman as VP in key swing states!!

According to a new poll, selecting a Black woman as the vice presidential candidate and his running mate could strengthen Joe Biden's campaign as he battles it out against President Donald Trump for the race to the general elections in November 2020. The survey conducted by the veteran pollster Cornell Belcher and Democratic strategist Karen Finney found that 60 percent of Millennials & Generation Z voters believe that selecting a Black woman as the VP candidate is most important when it comes to crucial swing states in the November elections. The poll also finds that young voters, white women, and other critical groups of voters believe in selecting a black woman to win the seven battleground states.

Approximately 54 percent of minority women, white women, and college-educated women agree that a Black woman's selection plays a vital role, as per the Brilliant Corners Research and Strategies poll report provided to POLITICO. These groups of voters are crucial in winning the swing states and could possibly decide the fate of the election for the former Vice President. Nearly half of the voters in the swing states who are against Donald Trump also feel the importance of the same. While only 27 percent of them believe it's important for Biden to pick a white woman as his running mate. Higher Heights America conducted this poll, an organization set up to increase the number of Black women in political office surveyed the seven swing states Florida, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Belcher's company conducted the poll between July 14 and 19th, with 802 registered voters who live in the swing states and are 18 years or older. The pollster only took the voting from those who aren't actively supporting President Trump, undecided and inclined towards Biden. They have an error margin of plus or minus 3 percent. Belcher further clarified that usually, VP candidates are selected with a view that they could help them win a state or any geographical area. Over time, the selection changed to a lot many factors like the impact of voters' minds. "This time, it would be different. If you don't want to fall for the same 2016 trap again, you better be giving the young voters something they can vote for," said Belcher, indirectly hinting the selection to Joe Biden. He further added - "the data clearly shows that an African American woman would have some impact on voting. It would energize the youngsters to cast their votes."

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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