Biden urges Congress to pass emergency housing package!!

Former Vice President Joe Biden requested Congress to pass the emergency housing package as both federal unemployment benefits and the moratorium on evictions both expired. The housing package will help thousands of Americans as a large proportion of rent and mortgage payments are pending at the start of a new month. In his statement, the presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden slammed both President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for permitting the Senate to go on break for the weekend without any agreement to extend the unemployment benefits which will support millions of Americans who lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

In his statement to POLITICO, Biden said - “Just because President Donald Trump is disowning his responsibility to drive us out of the pandemic and the economic crisis, we are now facing a potential housing crisis in the country. To avert a catastrophic increase in evictions and homelessness, President Trump must work in tandem with the Congress and pass a broad emergency housing package program for all Americans living in rented houses.” Biden’s statement is fully relevant as the rent payments are due on Saturday. Additionally, the unemployment benefit scheme from the March CARES Act expired on Friday night and evictions moratorium completed on July 24th. To help Americans even after the expiry, Biden called on Congress to provide more funds to state and local governments, emergency unemployment benefits, food and nutrition programs, and health insurance to all the families.

“Relief packages could put the country in a much stronger position to handle the strain due to the pandemic on millions of Americans and our economy. These are just some of the steps, and there are many others we must take. To do so, we need a President to care, lead and act,” Biden said, slamming Trump’s inability to deal with the crisis. Meanwhile, the Congress is yet to finalize the next coronavirus relief package. Trump and his administration suggested that they would go for a short-term package, but there is still no clarity. Senate Democrats want the $600 weekly unemployment benefit scheme to be extended till next year as a part of a broader package. However, the Republicans are rooting for a $200 temporary flat payment for 60 days.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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